Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


6. Prentiss

"Ok now we're really gonna get in trouble." Right as I said this Hotch comes around the corner. "You guys alright?", he asks.

"Except for the part where we almost got killed we're fine.", I say motioning to the guys unconscious on the floor. "Is he...", Hotch asks. "No. But if I hit him harder he would be.", I explain. "You did this?!", he questions.

"Before you get mad at me just know he was gonna kill Reid!", I explain again. "WHAT?!" "Yeah Ally saved my life.", Reid said smiling at me. I blush,"It was really no problem."

"I'll take care of this just take the stuff inside and met Prentiss.", Hotch sighs.

Reid and I head inside, making jokes about almost dying. As soon as we get inside I'm attacked by a woman with black hair.

"Hi! I'm Emily Prentiss! It's so nice to have a girl around! All the testosterone was getting to me.", she exclaims. "Well actually it's good for a woman to be around guys. It can actually lift their mood.", I explain.

"Oh god! There's two of them! Abort mission friends forever! Abort!", Emily starts screaming while Derek and Reid stand off to the side laughing.

"Oh! I have an idea! After work we can go to the bar and look at cute guys!",Emily squeals. I look at Reid who seems sad at the prospect of me looking at other guys. "Hey can they come along?", I ask motioning to Morgan and Reid. She nods happily.

A little while later I remember my gun is still in the car, so I ask Reid if he wants to come get his too. He agrees.

"You know I don't drink right?", he asks. "Yep! That way you can make sure we get home safely.", I explain. "Just be careful around Emily... she can drink like there's no tomorrow." I stop and spin around to face him "Dr. Reid it almost sounds like your worried about me.", I say with a smirk. "Nope.", he proclaims then keeps walking. I laugh to myself.

After work we headed to this run down bar. "Ooh! I have an idea! Let's ask Ally questions and for every question she answers we take a drink!", Emily proclaims. Morgan and I nod fiercely and Reid just sighs. "Ok Ally. Pick your poison.", Morgan says. "Hmmmm. Today seems like a Tequila day!", I exclaim to which Reid sighs again.

"So why did you want to become an agent?", Emily slurs, already very drunk from the first 10 questions. I, on the other hand, am not even tipsy. "Well my brother was killed by a serial killer and I don't want my son to go through that.", I say trying to hold back laughter. "You're a mom?!", Reid exclaims.

"NOPE! I was just kidding! About the kid part I mean. My brother was killed by a serial killer though.", I say sadly. "I'm so sorry!", they all stamer at once. "Meh. Now who wants some shots!", I exclaim trying to lighten the mood.

About 3 drinks later I was drunk. The next thing I knew Morgan and I were tangoing to a rap song while Emily was hitting on every guy in the place. Eventually I went back to Reid and slurred,"I'm tired of calling you Reid. You're now Spencer. You're welcome." I then passed out.

The next morning my head was pounding and I was back in Emily and my hotel room. I have no idea how I got there but I'm just glad I did. Emily was standing over me looking happy I was alive.

"Hey girl! You went unconscious last night. You remember?", Emily whispers. Great my random fainting is back! Yay! "Yeah.", I manage to say. "Why did that happen?", Emily asks. "When I was young I had brain surgery, but something went wrong so I randomly faint and have migraines. Please don't tell Hotch! He'll make me change assignments!", I beg.

"I won't.", she insists,"Also there's water and Advil so take it and get dressed so we aren't late." I grumble then get up so I can slowly get dressed.

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