Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


19. Paul Bernardo

2 months later I'm cleared by the hospital, but Aaron still won't let me go with them, instead I get to hang out with Penelope.

Don't get me wrong I love Penelope, but I love my gun more.

"I have to go and tell them about the case so stay here and don't move.", Penelope says. She turns something on. "You can watch these cat videos while you wait. If you touch my computer I'll get an alert on my phone so don't try anything."

I wait a few minutes before I start my plan. I scoot close to the monitors and set my alarm for 3 minutes because that's how long it'll take her to get back.

I start hacking into the FBI mainframe. I look at the clock I have 1 minute and a half left. I look up Paul Bernardo. I quickly write down where he is, then I start back tracking.

I can hear them getting closer to the door. I finish right as the door opens. "What are you doing?", Penelope asks. "Nothing!", I insist.

Right as I say that an alert goes up across all the monitors saying that there was a hacker in the FBI mainframe. I look at them innocently. "I swear I just turned up the volume on the video." Penelope glares at me.

"Ok I was trying to find my dad. Sorry.", I admit. "Ally! You know how much trouble you could get into!", Spencer scolds. "I'll talk to you later.", Aaron says looking at me. I nod.

After they leave Penelope starts making sure no one will find out where the hack was from. "You did good in 3 minutes. Where did you learn this?", Penelope says shocked.

"I got bored in the hospital.", I answer. She looks at me surprised but doesn't ask any more questions.

3 weeks later Aaron clears me to go do an evaluation on a guy that wants to go on parole. I'm told I'll be with Spencer and Derek. When we pull up I realize that this is the same place my dad is at.

We are walking through when I suddenly hear someone say,"Alexandra. Is that you?" I turn around. "Dad?"

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