Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


4. Overshadowing Reid

After I finally get out of the bathroom-after Reid's numerous tries to coax me out-I sit down at the table and ask,"Aren't we supposed to talk about the case?" Everyone stares at me, but I just stare back. I refuse to be seen as weak.

Everyone sits down with Derek across from me and Reid sitting next to me. I sighed as they did this, but they ignored me. Derek touches something on the laptop and suddenly Penelope's face pops up.

"Hello my lovelies!", she suddenly notices me,"Ok! Who made Ally cry?", she asks worriedly and looks at me for and explanation. When it becomes clear I'm not going to talk she turns her attention to Reid, whose shirts is still damp, oops,"Hmmm. Boy Wonder, it appears your shirt is wet and Ally's eyes are red." "Let's just talk about the case.", he says too quickly.

"Ooh change of subject! I'll find you out Dr. Reid!", she says with a smirk," Anyway, who knows the things about Colorado since I'm going to be interrupted anyway.", she says staring at Reid.

"Well Colorado is considered-", I place my hand over his mouth so I can speak to redeem myself. "Colorado is considered a mountain state, in other words, there's lots of place to hide a body.", I look at Reid and bat my eyes,"Right DR. Reid?", I say innocently putting emphasis on the "Dr".

He looks at me incredulously and says shocked,"Yeah. That's right." I smile,"See Reid, your not the only one who knows stuff."

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