Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


8. Movie Night

Apparently I fell asleep during the plane ride because the next thing I knew we were back. Penelope greeted us at the airport she hugged everyone then turned to me and said,"You're not going home alone. Come sleep at my place. I know you'll have nightmares." I nod and smile as a thank you and luckily she gets it.

I didn't sleep much that night. I woke up almost as soon as I fell asleep screaming. Eventually I felt guilty for keeping Penelope up, so I just walked back home. In the morning I was rudely awakened by Emily, Derek, Penelope, and Spencer-I'm not complaining about that last part-because Penelope was worried when I wasn't there when she woke up. So they broke my door down, luckily Derek said he'd pay for it after apologizing profusely, I woke up to them screaming my name because apparently I have a weak pulse when I sleep.

Since it was a day off everyone stayed over for breakfast and coffee. We also watched a scary movie. "Um Ally? Why are you and Reid practically cuddling?", Penelope asked suspiciously. "Yeah Ally! Explain yourself!", Derek demands. Emily of course made matters worse by chanting "I know something you don't know". As an answer Spencer leaned down and kissed me.

The look on their faces was absolutely priceless. Penelope started screaming with delight while Derek kept saying what could happen if Hotch found out. Since they now knew I could cuddle into Spencer deeper and he could hold me tight.

As everyone left Penelope noticed that Spencer was saying so as she closed the door she screamed,"Use protection kids!!!" As if I didn't have any neighbors. "Alls?" "Yeah Spencer?" "I love you." "I love you too." Spencer slept at my house that night, much to Penelope's amusement.

"He stayed the night?!", Penelope asked. "Yeah.", I admitted. "Did you use protection?", Penelope asked innocently. "We just slept!", I say. "Stop lying Ally!", Emily scolds. "Ok so we made out and shared a bed, but that's it!", I finally admit. "Ooooh.", the girls say like children.

"Hey Alls.", Spencer says as he walks in. I blush. "Hey Spencer.", I say back, which makes the girls squeal and sigh again. I run up to him,"Are you sure you want to tell Hotch?" "We have to Alls. If he finds out from someone else we're screwed.", Spencer admits.

Later that day Spencer and I walk to Hotch's office. "Only one at a time please.", he says without looking up. "Actually this has to do with both of us.", Spencer admits. "If this is about your relationship I already know. I saw you guys kissing by the car in Denver.", he says without looking up. Spencer and I look at each and sigh with relief. "I imagine it's getting serious if you're telling me.", Hotch says still looking at his paperwork. "Yeah.", we both admit. "Just make sure you give me an invitation to your wedding.", he says finally looking up. We both nod then run out.

"Can everyone come to the conference room? We have a new case.", Penelope announces. After we get in she gives us the usual info: someone's killing people, unlike they've ever scene, all females, no signs of sexual assault, beaten badly. But this time she also gives us good news,"It's in Hawaii." I suddenly squeal to which everyone turns to look at me. I whisper a sorry and they all just smirk.

When we get on the airplane I ask Spencer,"How long have we been together?" "Almost a year.", he replies with a smile. "Feels like forever.", I admit. "I agree." The plane ride goes the same as usual: I spend the first half freaking out and the second half I'm asleep. "Alls. Wake up.", Spencer whispers. "Five more minutes!", I groan. "Alls! Your heart rate is really low!", he whispers. "So?", I groan. "You could pass out!", he whispers. "Like that's gonna happen! The last time that happened was-", and then I was out.

I suddenly feel someone shaking me and screaming my name. Ok make that a lot of people. "Spencer stop screaming. My head is pounding.", I groan. "Ally you were out for 4 hours.", he says scared. I shrug. I suddenly hear Hotch's voice,"Reid you're taking Ally to the hospital. That's your new orders." "No.", I murmur. "Shhhh. You'll be alright.", Spencer whispers cradling me. "Derek call ahead and make sure there's an ambulance when we get there!", I hear Spencer shout. "Why?", Derek questions. "I'm losing-", that's the last thing I heard.

My eyes suddenly flutter open. I look around and see Spencer asleep in a chair. I pick up the cup of water and throw it at him. "Alls! You're awake!", he exclaims. "How long was I out?", I ask groggily. "A day.", he admits. "Is she awake?", I hear a voice on my opposite side say. "Yeah.", he said smiling. I turn to face the voice and there's Penelope.

"Hey girl! Hotch let me come out because I was UBER worried about you and I love Hawaii.", Penelope explains. "Where's everyone?", I sign to Spencer, my voice already tired. "I texted them. They'll be here in a minute.", he responds audibly so Penelope would know what we're talking about. I nod.

"Ally!", I hear Emily and Derek exclaim. I sign to Spencer to tell them hi for me, which he does. "Why isn't she talking?", Emily asks worriedly. "Her throat hurts.", Penelope answered. That's when the doctor came in and told me the good news,"Nothing appears to be wrong." "Then why is she fainting?!", Spencer demands. I sign to him to calm down, to which he apologizes. "I have no idea.", the doctor finally admits.

To which we all sigh. "Oh I also I have more thing to tell you. You're pregnant."

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