Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


5. Denver, Colorado

"Ok that's all!", Hotch says going back to his seat. "Wait Hotch! You forgot our assignments!", Reid and I say in unison. "Oh god! It's like there's two Reid's!", Morgan groans.

"Well actually it's just chance we said the same thing at the same time.", Reid and I say again. "Stop that! That's really annoying. I bet you don't know what I'm gonna say next... peanuts. Peaches. Movie Theater.", we say in unison again.

Morgan and Penelope starts laughing so hard so can't breath while Reid and I just stare at each other, in awe.

"Thanks for that Ally and Reid. You guys seem to make a good team so triangulate where the unsub's comfort zone is. Prentiss-when she shows up- will go with Morgan and Rossi to look at the latest crime scene. And I'll talk to the families.", Hotch explains.

"Aye, Aye Captain.", Reid and I say again. I cover his mouth before I say,"This is gonna be fun."

When we finally arrive in Denver we split up in the 2 cars to head to our separate places.

"Officer Jackson. We're here from the BAU to help with the case. This is Dr. Reid and Agent Brooks.", Hotch says. Officer Jackson says hello and then at the same time we ask,"Is there some place we can set up?"

We look at each other with annoyance while Officer Jackson just stares until he finally says,"Right this way." He leads us to their conference room where there are already whiteboards set up. "Thanks.", we say together again. The Officer just shakes his head and leaves.

"Oh my god! You have to stop doing that!", I scold Reid. "More like YOU have to stop doing that!", he argues. I exhale loudly,"Whatever. Let's just get the files out of the car."

The car isn't all that close to the door, it's more in an alley. It's weird but it was the closest we could get. "I'll grab the things the front, you get the stuff in the back.", I suggest. He nods.

I open the passenger side door and get in, but in order to grab the stuff I have to bend down. All of a sudden I hear a voice from the back of the car that isn't Reid's,"You want some drugs?" I stop what I'm doing and wonder why someone would sell so close to the station. "No thanks. I'm good.", Reid insists.

"It wasn't exactly a question.", the guy snarled pushing him to the car then he pulls out a gun.

Reid looks into the mirror and we make eye contact. He begs me to leave. Instead I do the exact opposite. I put my gun in the glove compartment so I don't scare the guy into shooting Reid. I shut the door then walk around to the back. "What's going on here?", I ask trying to make it sound like I don't know what's happening.

"Well hello there beautiful.", he lets go of Reid, but keeps pointing the gun at him. The guys strokes my cheek,"What are you doing in this alleyway?" I sign to Reid to go along with what I say, luckily the gang banger doesn't see. "Well my boyfriend and I came out here to ya know.", I say winking. Reid looks at me embarrassed. "See the poor boy's embarrassed.", I motion to Reid.

"We aren't armed, our guns are in the car, just let us go.", luckily Reid wasn't wearing his gun, I have no idea why but it's a good thing he's not. "Alright baby.", the guy says,"I'll let him go IF you give me a kiss." Reid looks at me in terror. "Well alright.", I agree. Reid starts to object so the guy starts choking him.

He starts moving in to me, so at the last possible second I clocked the guy, knocking him out. Reid starts gasping for a breath. "You didn't actually...", Reid asks. "Of course not!", I say shocked that he thought I would. Reid stares at me. "What?", I ask finally. "You saved me.", he says incredulously. "Well yeah! You helped me on the plane, I helped you from getting shot. Even though one was more important than the other it doesn't make-", I get cut off my his lips on mine. I let myself enjoy it for a few seconds then pull away.

"We still have a job to do.", I say blushing. "Yeah right.", he says staring at me. Then at the same time we kiss each other again.

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