Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


3. Case #1

"Well let's get on with the case.", Penelope says obviously trying to get my mind off what just happened.

"So there's all these 25 year old girls that keep getting kidnapped, raped, tortured, and then are killed a month later. All the victims look very similar with blue eyes, white skin, and copper-ish hair.", she pulls up a picture and I gasp.

"Hey those girls look like they could be Ally's sisters!", Penelope exclaims.,"Anyway there has been 20 victims and they are just calling us in- stupid I know."

"Where is this happening?", I ask with my voice as smooth as silk. Everyone stares at me for a second than after a few seconds Penelope responds with a simple,"Denver, Colorado."

"Be on the plane in an hour. Ally, do you have your go bag ready?", Hotch asks.

"Yup! I just have to pick it up!", I state.

As soon as we're on the plane I suddenly remember how much I hate planes. I go sit by myself so nobody notices, but of course Reid sits across from me.

"Sorry about embarrassing you.", he apologizes. I just nod trying my best to hide by phobia from a plane full of people who can tell my that I bite my nails because of this one thing that happened in my past in an instant.

"Hey, you ok?", he asks worriedly. I try to ignore him. "Ally?", he says. "Ally?", he repeats. "Ally?", he says with worry creeping up in his voice. "Ally?!", ok now he's really worried.

He sits down in the seat next to mine. "Ally?", he says again but this time in a way you would say to a scared child. "Your scared of flying aren't you?", he asks. I swallow then nod. He suddenly puts his arm around me and says,"It's ok. You're fine." He repeats that over and over as I silently sob in his chest.

"Hey, she ok?", asks Morgan. He must have heard my silent sobs into Reid's chest. I apparently am really good at making a fool of myself.

"It appears our newest team member is absolutely terrified of flying.", as he says this we hit some turbulence and I burrow further into his chest while letting out a whimper.

Morgan comes and sits on my other side. That's when I suddenly stand up and say,"Sorry for making a fool of myself." Then lock myself in the bathroom for the next hour.

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