Agent Brooks

Ally goes to the BAU to start a new life who would know she'd find more. (A CRIMINAL MINDS FANFIC)


18. Carmel-by-the-sea, CA

2 months later

"Yay! Ally's back!", Emily screams when I walk through the door,"Oh Reid's here too." She mutters that last part which causes me to burst out laughing.

"Why were you guys gone so long! I missed by Ally!", Emily whines. "It was my wedding present.", Aaron explains which gets a grumble from Emily in response.

I get attacked with lot's of hugs. "Oh and while you were gone we all learned the alphabet in sign language so you guys can no longer talk about us behind our backs.", Emily announces proudly. I laugh.

"Ok so this case is in Carmel-by-the-sea, CA-", Penelope starts. I squeal excitedly which causes everyone to stare at me. "Sorry but I grew up there.", I explain.

"So apparently we're visiting Ally's home town! Anyway our victims are-", Penelope starts but I interrupt when I see the pictures. "Oh that's Emma Barkley, Alice West, and Terry Hutchins!", I say recognizing them immediately.

Penelope glares at me so I murmur sorry. "Anyway. All these women look absolutely nothing alike, but they all had one thing I common... they were all expecting." "Awww. Why didn't they tell me.", I whisper to myself.

"Well since Ally apparently knows everyone there I say this will be a great case to start her field work in.", Aaron announces.

"This isn't good.", Spencer signs to me. "What isn't good Reid?", Derek asks. "Um that Ally's friends are dying.", he explains quickly. Derek raises an eyebrow then continues flirting with Penelope.

When we touched down we all headed to the school because there was a lot of people to interview.

"Alex!", I hear someone exclaim,"I didn't expect to see you back here after you headed off to college!" "It's nice to see you Principal Ramirez!", I exclaim. "How many times do I have to tell you to call me Theresa! Alex! Where are your manners! Introduce me to your team!"

"Right! This is my supervisor Agent Hotchner. Then there's Agent Prentiss, Agent Morgan, Agent Rossi, and Dr. Reid." She shakes their hands.

"Follow me! We have lots of places to go!", Theresa exclaims. Derek and Emily motion for me to wait. "Alex?", they ask. "Yeah. My name's Alexandra and I went by Alex through High School.", I explain.

"Let's first go to our dance room.", Theresa announces. As she opens the door there's suddenly 37 names screaming,"ALEX!" "Looks like our star ballerina is back from the dead.", Mrs. Townsend says with a chuckle.

Everyone looks at me in surprise. "Yup! Alex is a ballerina. One of the best if I may say so myself. She has been in multiple ballets and won multiple awards, including 5 scholarships to different schools.", Mrs. Townsend chuckles.

They keep staring at me. "Show us Alex!", a girl screams. That results in all of them begging me to dance for them. "I don't know. I'm here on a job-", I start but Aaron interrupts with a "Go ahead. I'm interested now."

All the kids start screaming. "I'll get you some pointe shoes and your old dance partner, Bella, is the music teacher here!", Mrs. Townsend says excitedly,"Oh and the girls can show you where the leos are."

I hand Spencer my wedding ring and use my hair tie to put my hair in a bun. Moments later I'm changed and reunited with Bella.

The music for Sleeping Beauty fills the room and I take a deep breath. I do every move perfectly. I look over at my team and their mouths are wide open. "Wait till you hear her sing!", Bella says with a smile.

They look at me expectedly so I start singing I Will Always Love You. When I get to the highest note they all gape at me.

"Damn! Who knew little Ally was such a good dancer and singer.", Derek exclaims. I laugh softly.

We interview Mrs. Townsend then Aaron lets me interview Bella on my own.

"Oh my god! You got married and didn't tell me?!", Bella screams when she notices my wedding ring. "I sent you an invite.", I say. "Oh. I moved.", she whispers, embarrassed.

"Doesn't your husband hate you leaving all the time to go to different states where there are serial killers loose?", Bella asks suddenly. "He would if we wasn't part of the team.", I say cracking my knuckles. "WHO?!" "Guess." "It isn't the 2 important looking ones. That one's on his phone. Is it him?" She points at Derek. I start laughing hysterically.

"If he knew you said that he'd die. No my husband's the one on his phone. He's reading this book about physics." "What's new? Besides getting married?" "Well no one knows this but we're expecting." She gets a weird look on her face.

"I have to go back to my class. See you later.", she pushes in her chair and walks out with no other word.

A few days later we found evidence pointing to Bella so Derek and I headed to her house. Bella let us in right away and allowed Derek to search while I talked to her.

"I lost my baby.", she murmurs suddenly,"Apparently my uterus is hostile so I can never have children." "I'm so sorry!" "You know people should be more careful leaving soon-to-be mothers alone."

She pulls out a gun. "Bella. No.", I whisper. "You know what Alex. Why should anyone be happy if I can't be." "You don't have to do this." "Yes I do."

There are 3 bangs back-to-back. I fall back, my chest and stomach hurting. I hear Derek yelling at her to get down then I hear a shot then him screaming.

I see him fall, holding his leg. He starts reaching for his gun with his hand so she shoots him there then runs away.

Derek crawls close to me. "Ally! Ally! Stay with me! You were shot twice in the stomach and once in the chest.", he says trying to stop the blood. Oh god. The baby. I start trying to say something but he tells me not to speak. "P-R-E-G-A-N-T.", I spell out using sign language.

He curses. Then reaches for his phone, dials something than puts it on speaker. "SSA Agent Aaron-", I hear Hotch begin. "HOTCH! ALLY WAS SHOT BY BELLA!", Derek yells while trying to stop the bleeding but to no avail. I hear Spencer cry softly. "Where was she shot?!", I hear Spencer demand.

Derek stays quiet. "MORGAN TELL ME WHERE SHE WAS SHOT OR GOD SO HELP ME-", I hear Spencer start. "Twice in the stomach and once in the chest.", Derek mutters. I hear Spencer curse. My breathing suddenly becomes labored.

"HOTCH! HER LUNGS COLLAPSING! WHERE IS THAT AMBULANCE!", Derek yells. Aaron tells him to hold on and that it'll be there any minute. My eyes start drooping. "ALLY! YOU HAVE TO STAY AWAKE!", Derek screams shaking me.

I hear sirens in the distance. Before I know it I'm inside an ambulance with Derek holding my hand. "Sir? Were you shot too?", I hear the medic ask. "Focus on her.", he whispers.

"Ok. Any important information besides being a FBI agent and having been shot?" "She's pregnant.", he mutters. "How far along?" He shrugs. I hold up 4 fingers. She nods.

We arrive at the hospital. "Agent Ally Brooks. 27. 2 GSWs in the stomach and 1 in the chest. Currently 4 months pregnant. Husband and team are in waiting room. Take her straight to surgery and patch up this guy." I am suddenly whisked away.

Derek's POV

Oh god! Reid's gonna kill me! I let myself get patched up, but they have to force me into the wheelchair. The nurse wheels me to the waiting room where they're all waiting. "What happened?", Prentiss demands.

"Well when we showed up Ally insisted she could talk to Bella alone. Ally must have said something to that set Bella off cause the next thing I knew there were 3 shots in the living room. I was hoping Ally was fine, but when I turned the corner Bella was on top of her, taunting her. Bella turned around and saw me so she shot me in the leg. I then reached for my gun and she shot me again!", I explain.

Emily curses. "How bad?", Hotch whispers to me. "They don't know if she'll make it.", I whisper. Reid sits down. I would have sat next to him, but Prentiss kept asking questions.

"You guys here about Ally Brooks?", a nurse's voice asks. We all stand up and nod. "I'm going to be honest with you. She should be dead. We honestly have no idea why she's still alive. The bad news is the shot to her chest got lodged in her spinal cord, we currently don't know what the damage is until she wakes up."

She motions for Spencer and me to follow her. "Before she went to surgery she made it clear that no one knew about the baby except you two. That being said, I'm afraid I have bad news. The baby didn't make it.", the nurse says solemnly.

Could this day get any worse?

Ally woke up a week later, which is good because they weren't sure IF she woke up. She asked the nurse to tell me to call Garcia and to wipe all information about the baby away. She also wanted me to tell Garcia because somehow she didn't know about the accident yet.

"Hey! I was beginning to think you were mad at me!", Penelope chuckles when she answers the phone. "Penelope. Listen to me carefully. Ally's been shot." "Haha. Nice try Derek." "I'm being serious. She's at the hospital. You can check." I hear her typing away until I hear a gasp. "I was hoping you were kidding. Is she ok?" "Penelope focus. I need you to go through the file and tell me if anything stands out to you."

"Ok. Looking. Wait it says here that Ally was pregnant! Is that true?" "Yeah. I need you to delete that. Ally was very clear that she needed you to do so." "It'll take a little while, but consider it done." "Thank you. Also your flight out here is in 4 hours. I know it's last minute, but-" "I was going to come anyway."

Ally's POV

"Did you do it?", I ask as Derek walks back in. He nods. "Where's Spencer?", I ask. "Right here.", Spencer responds walking through the door. I smile. "Listen. You guys can't tell anyone. Hotch will think I'm not able to go back into the field understand?" They both nod. "Good."

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