I Have Returned

I'm back.


1. And Let There Be Light

Surrounded by the darkness of emptiness. The evil of nothing, and the good of something. The blockade that has diverted me from my destiny for so long. Destiny is real.

I told myself everything would be okay, that this was just another process. Another process of life. A rock in my journey. Not a means to an end, but an elaborate continuation of a great and bright journey ahead of myself.

The contraption narrowed its way into my skin, spraying elusive gases onto my legs and injecting medicines into my now dissected legs. Metal bits and bobs were rampant in my innards. This is not what I asked for. Tears streaming down my eyes, and pain soon to become obvious.

I didn't know who these people were, but they seemed governmental. Maybe they were a rogue research facility directly influenced under the government sand masked indefinitely.

I was put into this situation because my leg had become lavishly useless on the football field, and I could no longer play. Doctors couldn't fix me, nor could the specialists. A man in a suit told me he could fix me, and he gave me a business card to show for it. I for some reason trusted him--surely he was a conman. 

The machine working like a factory on autopilot grabbed something squishy and foreign to my eyes. It looked like a squid, but didn't resemble anything remotely as innocent as a squid. It held a dark form. The squishy alien thing, was soon released by the hand of the machine. It darted into my open leg, soaking up the blood, and turning it an ominous black, as my veins immediately turned dark black under my skin. My eyes rolled back instinctively and my brain shot out in cries of pain as it felt like the creature had taken root in my heart and brain. Like a mind control device.

The pain receded, as my eyes locked back onto my now fresh looking leg. It had healed faster than anything humanly or scientifically possible. I could tell I was completely healed and I felt a resurgence of energy. I felt stronger than I've ever felt before.

I was coming back to the team! 

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