Calling Ben - Mystery

Eve White, and Ben James are very close friends. They tell each other everything – or so Eve had thought. On January 1st, 2018, Ben James goes missing exactly when the fireworks go off at 12:00am at a New Years Eve party. She finds no trace of him but his red letterman jacket. The day before, at Eve’s house, Ben had been acting strange. He's been saying good-bye, but he wasn’t going anywhere. He's the most popular boy in school. Caring. Kind. Heart-warming. Loyal. Eve isn’t so popular, but she isn’t a loser either. They both had always picked their friends wisely. When school starts up again, Eve is informed that Ben is missing. She tries to piece together his disappearance, but she can’t do it on her own. She calls in some extra teenage help.
The 6 teens go on an adventurous journey to solve a mystery of a lost boy, create never before known relationships, break barriers, and create friendships.


2. Chapter 2: January 14th, 2018

    I pull up into Wellington middle’s drop off lot and let Aiden out. He is looking adorable today. Aiden is wearing a cute long-sleeved grey button up shirt, tan skinny pants, and white vans shoes. He exits the car with a small, “Thanks.” and shuts the door.

“Oh, it’s no big deal or anything. Have a good day at school. Hope you talk to Riley!” I say to my car door as I watched Aiden strokes his dark hair and continues up his school’s stair steps.

           As his sister, I should be worried about him, and make sure he’s okay. I’ll admit, these past couple weeks have been great after that New Year’s party with Aiden. We became so much closer, and we actually acknowledge each other in a good way. I would like to keep our new and improved happy relationship.

           I start the engine and made my way to DHS within 5-minutes. Traffic is crazy, but I find my way through. Lucky for me, I get to school earlier than usual since I’m starting to take Aiden to school. Since I’m here early, the senior parking lot isn’t as full as it usually is, so I get jackpot parking.

           I scan the lot for a spot closest to the door entrance, and bingo – it was the one closest to the entrance. I park right next to a fancy white car – which happened to be Ella Henderson’s. Although she was really nice, and we had no problem getting along at the party, I was being fake to her. I know she’s not who she tries to act – which is a preppy nice girl.

           As I walk inside, only a couple of students were in the halls, not too crowded. It usually gets hoarded with freshman around 8:00 am. Lucky for me, I was here at 7:00 am. I went to my locker and punched in the combo,


46, 05, 46


           The only other person who knew my combo was Ruth. She would sneak cute gifts for me in there which would just make my day. I wonder where Ruth is now. Probably somewhere being weird with her bad grammar as usual. As my locker opens, the first thing to catch my eye was a picture of me and Ben.

               His arm was draped around my shoulder, and I was making a goofy face. His hand was making a peace sign, and I was doing a peace sign too. Ruth took that picture when we had a campfire in his backyard. Speaking of Ben, where is he? It is the first day back from Christmas break, and I already have to tell him how I felt when he pushed me at the party. I’m worried about his actions. He hasn’t even read my text yet.

           I shut my locker door. It was a fairly loud shut, but I wasn’t angry or anything…just confused. Suddenly my mind realizes that it’s the first day back at school – well I already know that, but I need to get my schedule. Down by the laboratory, there is a wall full of juniors and seniors new schedules. It takes me less than 30-seconds to get there.

           My finger scans for my name, Eve White, and eventually stops at another name in particular. Ruth Hall. Apparently, she has the 4th period off. She’s so lucky to have 4th off. I have a year-long tech class during 4th, so I know my 4th-period class won’t change. I scan through the list again only to find someone else.


Bennett James.


           Ben mainly had off periods during all classes, but he and I still have math second period together. Wherever he was, he would be happy to hear that. Finally, I take one last scan and find my own name. I snatched the paper and checked it out.


Everly White:

1st period -Advanced Chemistry

2nd period -Calculous


3rd period -Homeroom

4th period -Advanced web design

5th period -N/A


           Okay, maybe I am a goodie-goodie. I’m taking Calculus, and advanced chemistry by choice. I raise my hand to my mouth and take a sip of – oh wait, there is no drink.  Usually every morning I make a trip down to the coffee shop that Theo works at. He really did know how to perfect a latte.

           Suddenly, I hear running footsteps in the hallway. It was only one pair of feet, and it’s coming in my direction. I turn to the left and see Jack Marble running alone. Usually, he ran in the mornings with Ben. I guess they couldn’t find each other…?

He is looking very sweaty and exhausted. Jack is one of the most popular and attractive guys at DHS. His hair was dirty blonde and his skin was a darker-than-light tan. Jack usually wears athletic clothing, and a red letter-man jacket just like Ben did. He is tall, and buff. Not to mention he was the captain of the varsity-wrestling team too. He and Ben are best friends too, so when we would hang out it was super awkward between Jack and me.

He sees me and nods as he passes. I give him a cheeky smile. His footsteps start to slow down about a couple feet away from me because he stops. I turn again and see him licking his lips and opening his mouth to say something. Not to mention he was panting.

“Hey – have you seen Ben lately?” He asks, raising his athletic and muscular looking arm to scratch the back of his head. So, he doesn’t know where Ben is either.

“No, I was actually planning on asking you before you asked me,” I reply, shaking my head. Jack rests his hands on his hips and walks in slight circles, keeping his torso and face towards me.

“Really? I figured he was hanging out with you all break.” Jack confesses, taking fewer breaths because he most likely caught his breath.

“No, he wasn’t. When was the last time you saw him?” I ask. Crossing my arms and walking closer to him.

“The New year's party…”

“Same here actually…”

    Maybe I’m just over thinking the whole situation. Ben could have just been drunk. After all, we are just teenagers barely becoming adults. Jack scratches the back of his head and bites the inside of his lip.

“Eh, well it’s super early anyway. He’ll probably show up around ten minutes before class starts.” Jack notifies, checking his watch.


    Suddenly, a beautiful strawberry blonde girl turns the corner with a cup of coffee. It was Ella Henderson. She was wearing a furry white jacket and a purple scarf around her neck. Her shoes consisted of black thigh-high boots. Her blue eyes met ours and she waved.

“Seen Ben?” Ella asks, making zero eye contact with me. Why is the question directed towards Jack?

“No, neither of us have.” He replies, leaning against the wall now.

“He’ll show up later probably,” I add, trying to avoid awkwardness.



9:00 am

           I walk into my chemistry class. There are a couple Juniors and a bunch of seniors. Everyone seems quieter than usual. The windows are lined against the wall which has rows of plants underneath it. It’s quiet which is strange. Normally kids chat away the first period, or when we get back from break. Today is a little different.  

    I look around the room. No sign of Ruth. Of course not. She’s barely passing Biology. I can’t see anyone I knew personally in here. Just a bunch of kids I’ve seen in the hallways. I take a seat in the middle lab table by myself and pull out my laptop. The teacher already had the objective on the board and all I had to do was follow it.

“Pull up the class board and write about your winter break…” A familiar voice in front of me mutters to himself.

    My eyes rise from the screen and I notice a brown curly haired boy hunching over his computer keyboard with his nose practically on the screen. This boy I happened to remember from the coffee shop I went to before. Theo Avery.

“Theo?” I say, catching his off-guard attention. Theo turns around and reveals that he also has a mechanical pencil in his mouth. The front of his hair is sticking out from many corners of the front of his head. His eyes widen as he sees me.

“Eve - Hey!” He greets, pulling the pencil out of his mouth and turning fully to face me.

“Hey - I didn’t know you were in this class.”

“I didn’t know you were in this class either.” He chuckles, blowing his curly hair out of his face.

    He reaches over behind his computer and grabs a coffee cup. Theo pulls it out and gestures it towards me. I shake my head in confusion. If he didn’t know I was in this class, why did he bring me coffee?

“For me?” I ask, flashing him my top teeth and taking the coffee slowly from his hand.

“Well - it was for Mr Diggs but you look like you could use some.”

“I look like I could use some?” I tease, taking a sip.

“No! Not look like you could - more like seem like you - okay I’ll just stop talking.”

“No - it’s fine. I was just teasing!” I clarify, shooting him a wide grin.

“Oh -” He awkwardly chuckled. Theo’s eyes evert to the seat next to me.

“You can sit there if you want Theo. I don’t bite.”

    He blushes while gathering his stuff to switch seats. As he stands up, his whole entire outfit is revealed. He is wearing a long-sleeved black and white striped shirt, grey skinny jeans, and red vans shoes. His style isn’t so bad - but it’s not like it matters.

“So what are the odds I run into you again.” He chuckles while sitting down. His mouth fills with lime green brace bands. He was so nerdy.

“I know right? Pretty cool running into my coffee fetcher.”

    We both share a laugh and Mr Diggs enters the classroom with his briefcase. He is tall, white, blonde, and slender. Mr Diggs is not the type to mess around with - matter of fact, even be around.

    Everyone is quieter than earlier - which was very quiet. Theo and I evert our attention towards the front of the classroom. Mr Diggs stands awkwardly and stares down the entire class. His eyes meet mine and I give him a cheeky smile. I glance at Theo who just happens to be staring at Diggs with his mouth open.

“Hello. I am Mr Diggs and I will be your AC instructor for this quarter. Some things you should know before you proceed with this class is, I don’t take people bull shit.”

    He walks along the aisles of our lab tables and stops specifically next to my table. His eyes meet mine once again but this time he strokes his blonde beard. I can feel Theo’s thigh jolts into mine as Diggs begins to make eye contact with Theo.

“Theodore Avery. It’s a pleasure to finally see you in person.” He says, holding out his hand. I watch as Theo reluctantly shakes it.

“Thanks - I don’t know who you are till now, but you seem…” Before Theo can finish his sentence with something stupid like, “creepy” or “old” I nudge his rib with my elbow and clear my throat.

“Intelligent!’ He shouts, surprised that I would do something. I look into his green eyes and he thanks me.

“Time to begin roll call.” Diggs pauses and looks down at a clipboard, “Theodore Avery - obviously here.”

    After a couple more names, he begins to pace around the classroom and read them louder than he should.

“Alexis Lunch?”

    The whole class turns their heads to every empty seat in the room. There was only one desk that was empty - Theo’s previous seat. I haven’t thought about Alexis until now and the last time she did come to mind was the night she was with Ben. Theo scratches his head and leans on his elbows.

“Absent? Okay then.”

    After he calls everyone, including me, he gently sets the clipboard down on the table and picks up a piece of chalk to write on the board. For some reason, I feel like this is the only class with a chalkboard and not a marker board. The sound of the chalk hitting the board was painful. Screech -

“Atoms bond to each other to form elements…” he scribbles on the board, “Oh - and make sure to take notes. Computer or Notebook, I don’t care.”

    I use my forefinger to guide the cursor to create a brand-new fresh notes document. I title the page, “AC Notes 2018” and click enter to start a fresh line.

“There are three parts to an Atom, which are…?” he turns around and scans the class for raised hands. Theo shoots his hand straight for the sky.

“Yes, Theodore?”

“Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. Atoms are the building block of matter.”

    Wow. Theo is smart. I mean it’s not like I don’t already know that, but he gives off a very nerdy sort of vibe. He flashes his green-banned braces at Diggs. Diggs gives him a nod of approval. As Diggs continues with random questions, that somehow involve with poison and the reactants and blah - blah -


“There’s the bell. You may be excused.”

    I walk out the door and Theo quickly runs up behind me. He just kind of looks down at me and then back up like a proud boy. The halls are finally crowded like I thought they would have. We shimmie through people and I eventually bump into a short person.

“Watch it,” she says, looking up at us. I look down at the girl.

    She looks like she must be Indian - muslim…? Something like that. Her hair is black and long. She has the same shade of skin colour I have and is wearing the typical ripped skinny jeans, black hightops, and a “Paramore” t-shirt.

“Excuse me?” I sass, raising an eyebrow. This girl has to at least be a freshman.

“It’s what it sounds like.” She sasses right back and shoves her way between Theo and me.

“Who was that?” Theo asks, giving me a shocked face. I shake my head.

“I don’t know. It’s not like she matters.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

    The three-minute bell rings and we have to get to class. I part from Theo after I give him my phone number. It would be nice to have another friend around. He also seems like a sweet kid. My feet make light tapping noises as I walk to my second period -

Where I should see Ben.


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