Broken Shards

Broken Shards


1. Broken Shards

I'm trying to feel better

But it's hard thanks to you

My insides are red




And Dying

Thanks to you

​Awkwardness doesn't begin to describe

The feeling when we see each other

But I've exploded into tears that you were unaware of

And I'm broken

Thanks to you

No words could escape my mouth

No one could make me speak

So all my feelings

Spoke through my tears

My silence spoke volumes

But I broke it for someone

Someone who appreciates me

And is there for me

Even though I hardly see them.

But for you its different

You choose to speak behind my back

Carving your words with a sharpened knife

And throwing salt in my wounds

You laugh at me

As I break down

Happy memories vanish

As I'm alone on the ground

Im broken

Thanks to you

My heart has broken

Thanks to you

A single flame

Can ignite a huge fire

I already had enough burning inside

You said your my friend- you're a liar

My heart is shattered

Its in broken shards

Shards of red glass

And it's up to me if I want it back

I'm tired of this game

' Friend then Enemy'

Make you damn mind up

Then tell me if you're sorry

But you would only say that for your EGO

Thanks for making me feel worthless

My heart has shattered

Into a bleeding mosaic

Of Broken Shards.... 


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