Escape the Demons

Dante has a different past than most, and it may come from his homeworld belonging to the demons.


4. We're Only Five Minutes In...

The group of friends tumbled to the dark purple-ish ground of the demon world, on top of one another. Normally in situations like this, Nicole would have been screaming out of terror, but now she was scared silent.

Dante knew they were stuck. He had one job, to not let anyone from the overworld-especially his friends and his crush-find out about his world. And now they were in the world with him.

“What-how-where are we?!” Travis screeched as he stood up and looked around, not recognizing the world around him. Dante sighed and stood up, knowing he was already in his form and there was nothing he could do about it.

“We’re in my world…” he started, looking up at his friends with his eyes faintly glowing blue. Nicole sat up, alarmed, but intrigued.

“Your… world?” her head was spinning, and she was trying to comprehend what had just happened. One minute, she was back at her home world, and the next, she was in a new one entirely.

“Yeah… I’m… from here…” he said, looking at his hands and seeing they were already glitching slightly. He looked back at them and offered his hand to help Nicole up, who accepted his help.

“Trippy,” commented Katelyn, who was already standing and looking around. She didn’t seem at all bothered by what was around her, but that was her nature, to cover her true feelings. Because of that, Dante couldn’t tell if she really wasn’t bothered by this (strangely) or if she was just hiding it.

“Yeah, sorry I look like this… If you have a form, you change into it automatically in this world…” he said as he pulled Nicole standing. Nicole had a strange look on her face. She was examining him, intrigued, curious, but not scared. She looked fascinated.

“I’m not from here, so this is really cool,” she commented as she kept investigating him, his glitches, his eyes.

“Oh-wait… really?” Dante wasn’t expecting her to be so calm with this. He was surprised by her reaction. “‘I’ve always thought it was weird, I’ve never known anybody that even knows what this place is.”

“Now you do,” Travis turned around to face them, but instead of looking how he did in the overworld, his skin was gray and his eyes purple. He had two black spiraling horns just above his ears and was taller than normal. His voice had a strange addition to it. It was nothing short of demonic.

“Wait… really?!” Dante remarked, astounded. Everything new was happening too fast for him, he couldn’t wrap his head around it. “What-what’s happening here?!”

Nicole giggled. This was all so interesting to her, and strange. It was interesting and exciting.

“Well, what should we do first, now that we’re here?” she asked, then paused. “Speaking of which, how do we get out of here?”

“Well, first we can’t get separated. Next, we have to go to another seam, or like, a rip between the worlds. That’s what we fell through to get here, and it’s how we get back,” Dante explained to her.

“First step’s already failed, Dante,” Travis groaned in defeat.

“What?! How? We’re all here-no we’re not,” Dante sighed as he looked at each of them. “Katelyn’s gone.”

“Ugh, she always does this! We go somewhere new, and bam, she's off!” Nicole groaned, frustrated.

“And this is the worst possible place to get lost or separated… C’mon, let's find her,” Dante sighed again as he looked around, wondering where she could be.

The only possible place around was a cemetery, but it was surrounded by iron bars and it was locked unless a demon had to be buried. The demons’ souls buried there had a nasty habit of being awoken if any living thing came near them and if they succeeded at trapping the creature, they would absorb its energy, leaving a lifeless husk of a body that wouldn’t decay, and would stay there forever.

“If there’s one place she could be, I hope it’s not it,” Dante said anxiously as he began running to the cemetery with Travis and Nicole close behind him.

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