Escape the Demons

Dante has a different past than most, and it may come from his homeworld belonging to the demons.


5. Just Our Luck...

Katelyn was, in fact, at the cemetery, and had just climbed over the iron bars. She often practiced parkouring in the overworld. Her feet hit the ground and a small cloud of purple-ish black dust formed around her feet, and quickly faded away. She paced around the cemetery, taking care not to touch the grave soil in front of each small, curved gravestone. She paused at a particularly small grave and saw a single white, decaying rose laying on the grave soil. She brushed the dust and cobwebs off of the name on the grave.

“Xia Valkrum…” she read aloud quietly to herself. She recognized that last name. After thinking for a bit longer, she remembered where she knew that name from. The grave must have been where Travis’s mom is buried.

She was distracted from observing the grave by a strange, whispery voice called her name.


“Hm? Who said that?” she said, standing up and turning around. She pulled her sky blue hair out of her face and looked around for who the voice belonged to. She saw a small white figure, no larger than her fist, hovering over a grave. She stepped near it, examining it. The closer she got, the more she could see it’s features. It looked like a white flame, with large, light gray eyes making up half of its head, and a creepily large grin the same color as its eyes.

“Woah…” Katelyn breathed, interested in the entity. A gust of wind passed through the cemetery and several more entities appeared above several other graves, surrounding her. The spirits rose into the air and flew about two feet above her head, and collided with each other to form one large spirit. It looked identical to the other smaller ones, but it was significantly larger and was hovering above her head as she looked up at it.

“Woah… this is cool…” the light blue haired girl commented under her breath. She was distracted by the large spirit above her from some familiar voices calling her name.

“Katelyn!!!” Dante, Nicole and Travis had finally arrived at the cemetery, and just in time. She looked at them strangely and just a bit annoyed.

“What?” She didn’t understand what was happening. She couldn’t see it, but the spirit was sucking out her energy through it’s large off-setting smile.

“Katelyn, come out of there!!” Dante instructed her with an alarmed tone.

“Why? What’s wrong with being here?” she asked him.

“It’s taking your energy! Look at your hands!” Travis added. Nicole looked on, worried and didn’t know what was happening, along with Katelyn.

Katelyn held her hands up at her neck level and saw her fingertips were fading to a dull gray color. She gasped, shocked.

“What… how…”

“Just get out of there!” Dante yelled urgently. Katelyn bolted over to the iron bars and climbed over them. The large spirit followed her, still taking her energy. Katelyn climbed as fast as she could, and hopped over the bars and onto the dark soil. The large spirit followed her as far as the iron bars, and after it couldn’t go further, it stopped and faded away into thin air while screeching hollowly. Katelyn stepped backwards a few times while watching the spirit fade with her icy blue eyes wide with both fear and wonder. The color to her fingertips was still a dull gray, but at least the spirit wasn’t absorbing her energy anymore.

“Are you okay?! Why did you do that?!” Dante, Nicole and Travis ran up to her.

“I just wanted to see, chill,” she replied coolly, as if what just happened wasn’t anything at all.

“Why are her fingertips still gray?” Nicole asked, grabbing her hand and pulling it up to eye level for herself.

“Like we said, that thing was taking her energy, here,” Dante explained as he grabbed her other hand and examined it.

“Why are you taking my hands, don’t,” Katelyn instructed with a hint of annoyance in her voice. Nicole let go and stepped back a bit, but Dante stayed where he was.

“I’m going to help, just trust me on this,” he tried to reason with her and looked down at her, since he was taller in his form. Katelyn stared at him with slight irritation, but said nothing.

Dante directed some of his energy towards his hands, and a few more glitches appeared at his fingers, almost as if they were resting on them. He placed the glitches on her gray fingertips and as the glitches faded, the natural color in her skin was restored. Dante let go of her hand and put his in his pockets.

“Woah…” Nicole, Katelyn and Travis said in unison. Dante chuckled a bit.

“What, surprised much?” he teased, followed by all three nodding.

“Duh, we haven’t seen that before!” Nicole pointed out with a hint of admiration in her voice. She sounded impressed.

“I haven’t seen that and I come from here!” Travis ran a hand through his hair as he responded.

“Wait, really? It’s just a little trick I learned from my dad!” Dante brushed it off as if it was nothing.

“Speaking of which, where’s your family here?” Nicole asked, glancing around. “It’s so empty here.”

“Yeah, I’ll take you to them, it’s kind of far away though,” he answered while looking around, stopping when he found the right direction. “Here, grab onto me.”

“Woah woah woah, why do we have to do that?” Katelyn argued with suspicion in her voice.

“I’m gonna glitch us there, don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” he reassured her and grabbed Nicole’s hand. Her cheeks faded a light pink, but she held his hand, ready.

Katelyn sighed, more annoyed than before, and took hold of his other hand. Travis grabbed onto her hand, and Dante glitched them all into his backyard.

The second their feet hit the ground in his yard, Dante was struggling to stand slightly. He had glitched them a great distance and had used a lot of his energy.

“Dante! That was awesome!” Travis was clearly hyped about what his friend had just done.

“Are you okay, Dante?” Nicole asked him with a concerned tone. She held him up by holding onto his hand.

“Yeah, I’m fine… thanks,” he assured her as he regained his strength and stood upright again. Then he remembered that his friends were in the demon world, and his parents didn’t know. He had to keep them safe from the other inhabitants of the world, so he had to hide them somewhere. He couldn’t let his parent’s find out-

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