Escape the Demons

Dante has a different past than most, and it may come from his homeworld belonging to the demons.


7. Going Back Home

Once the kids entered the house, they saw a clean and neat living room with a kitchen next to it that was equally clean. There was the smell of an apple pie wafting through the house from the kitchen, and vases of violets on every table.

“Wow, you have a nice house Dante,” Travis commented as he scanned the rooms. The purple wallpaper had small floral designs, which matched well with the deep crimson couch.

Dante sat on the couch, looking around. “Yeah, I guess it’s kind of nice,” he admitted. He had never thought about his house as nice, since he lived there.

Just then, Dante’s father stepped into the room from the master bedroom. Six foot three inches tall, he towered over the rest of them. His messy blue hair the same shade as his son’s was brushed out of his face, exposing his eyes, which were such a deep blue they were almost violet in the shade. He dressed well, in a nice suit and jacket, and looked formal and serious.

Travis, Katelyn and Nicole gulped in unison, intimidated by Dante’s father. Dante, however, was used to this, and didn’t even bat an eye.

“Hey, dad, these are my friends, Travis, Katelyn, and Nicole,” he politely introduced them to the large man in front of them.

Katelyn was the first to get shaken from her intimidated state, and she stood and politely shook his father’s hand before sitting back down. Travis did the same, slightly more wary of his politeness. Nicole was last, seeing as she was easily intimidated, and nervously shook the large man’s hand. His dad grinned a bit at the small girl.

“Nervous, eh? Don’t be, I won’t bite!” he reassured her as they concluded their handshake. Nicole nodded politely but nervously, as she didn’t know what else to do, and sat back down next to Dante.

“Sarah, how long have these kids been here?” his dad asked, turning to his mother. She sat at the dining table, glancing at the kids on the couch, then back up to her husband.

“Not very long, they just got inside,” she replied, tying her shimmery blue hair back into a neat, tight bun on top of her head. When her hair was down, it was flowing much like water currents in a gentle stream, and if the sun hit her eyes, they shimmered like the ocean on a sunny day.

“Well they should feel free to stay as long as they like!” Dante’s father exclaimed with a welcoming tone. “Besides, they should feel like they belong here just as much as they do at their own houses!”

Dante didn’t know whether his father just didn’t know his friends were from the overworld, or if he just didn’t bring it up, but either way, he wouldn’t ask about it.

“Yeah, um, about that… they need to get home as soon as they can,” Dante decided having his friends leave this world as soon as they could would be the best option.

“Of course they need to, I’ll take you four to the station,” his father concluded the conversation as he went back into the master bedroom. Dante stood from the couch and looked at his friends, who were already looking back at him.

“Before you kids leave, you should know that you’re always welcome here,” Dante’s mother informed the kids as she took a sip of coffee from her white and black striped coffee mug. Dante smiled slightly and gave her a small nod, then looked back at his friends.

“Alright guys, so when my dad comes back, we’re going to go, okay?” he clarified for them.

“Alright… but aren’t you coming?” Nicole piped up. The short girl had been quiet for a while, taking in everything she had received from first entering the world. Dante glanced around for a few seconds, thinking. Once he had an answer, he looked back at her.

“I mean, I guess I can…” he slowly replied. Nicole’s eyes shifted from hopeful to cheerful as she heard his answer. She gave him a small smile in return.

Just then, Dante’s father stepped back out of the master bedroom. He made his way to the door while searching through his crowded keychain, and finally held a simple silver one.

“C’mon, time to go!” he announced as he unlocked the door and opened it. Dante stood up, followed by his friends, and they made their way out of the house in a single file line, with his father following the last kid. After everyone was outside, he shut the door and locked it again.

The large man held his hands out in front of him with his palms up. Dante, knowing what to do, put his hand over his father’s and grabbed Nicole’s hand. Nicole blushed a bit, but held his hand and reached for Katelyn’s. Katelyn glanced at her out of the corner of her eye and took her hand, and begrudgingly took Travis’s hand. Travis smirked at her a bit, then held onto Dante’s father’s hand as well. The large man looked at each kid to make sure they were holding onto each other, and then without any further ado he glitched them all to the station.

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