Escape the Demons

Dante has a different past than most, and it may come from his homeworld belonging to the demons.


8. Best Moment of His Life

The group appeared in the station on a large, circular platform covered in small blue and white square tiles. They were surrounded by various demons with different powers to each. Some with sparks in their hair that was sticking upwards due to static as electricity demons, some with dark skin and sunlike eyes as light demons, some with small animals following them with twigs and leaves in their matted, tangled hair as nature demons. Some with small flames in their eyes and gloves over their hands to contain the flames as flame demons, and some who caused quite a breeze as they passed anyone and walked swiftly as wind demons. There was every type of demon imaginable, and even beyond that.

Nicole and Katelyn stepped forward in awe, having never seen anything like that in their lives. Dante’s father stepped around the starstruck girls and lead the group through the crowd. The demons passing through the station slowed their pace to let him pass as the line of kids followed him. Nicole was right behind the large man, with Katelyn behind her, still looking around, and with Travis behind Katelyn, carefully watching Dante’s father to make sure none of them would get lost. Dante was in the rear, making sure they all were on track. His father was slicing through the crowd, which was making way for him and the kids with him to pass.

Eventually, Travis caught on that the crowd was moving out of the way for him, and glanced behind him at Dante with a questioning glance.

“He’s the ruler of this realm, so he’s pretty important. They don’t want him getting mad at them for anything,” Dante whispered to him while leading him to stay in line. Travis nodded and looked back forward while giving his friend a thumbs-up over his shoulder.

Just then, Dante’s father made it to the portals with the group behind him. Nicole just barely stopped in time to not run into the large man, as he stopped abruptly. Katelyn, however, was looking around as she was following and was not watching where she was going. She ran right into Nicole, stumbling, and fell backwards right into Travis, who luckily caught her just before she hit the ground. He lifted her upright again and brushed his messy white hair out of his eyes, smiling at her. She gave him a shallow nod and mouthed the words “thank you” to him, and went back to facing forward.

Dante had been watching this happen over his friend’s shoulder, and would never waste an opportunity to tease him.

“Oooooh~!” He leaned forward and whispered into his ear with a teasing tone. Travis turned his head to glare at him with a warning look in his eyes, and then turned back to face forward. Dante chuckled a bit, and stepped around his friends and approached his dad, who was scanning the portals for the right one.

“Hey, dad? Can I ask you something?” he began, standing next to him. His father looked down at him with a slight questioning look.

“Sure, what’s up kiddo?” The large man’s deep voice was enough to intimidate anyone normally, but now his voice had a sense of compassion in it. Dante had only heard him call him “kiddo” back when he was a young child, around the age of five.

“Uh, well… now my friends know about this place… is that gonna be a problem…?” he stammered, looking up at his dad, who’s eyes held a softness that wasn’t usually displayed. The large man stayed silent, thinking about the answer to his son’s question.

“It shouldn’t be a problem, if they want to visit, they can ask beforehand,” he responded. Dante was surprised by his answer. He hadn’t expected his father, the ruler of the entire demon realm, to be so calm about it.

“Uh… okay!” he stuttered as he turned back to his friends before addressing them. They looked at him with curiosity in their eyes.

“So, my dad says you guys can come back when you want to!” Dante got over his initial shock from hearing his dad’s response and happily informed his friends of his answer. Their faces light up with excitement and smiles formed on each of their faces at hearing the news.

It was then that Dante’s father turned back to the group of kids. He pointed to their right, and on the right was a large ripped seam with glimpses of the overworld on the other side.

“We’re right on time, it’s here,” he explained with his usual serious tone. Dante turned his head to look at the portal. He was hoping his friend’s image of him wouldn’t change, even though they learned where he was from.

Katelyn wasted no time and ran up to the portal, followed by Travis right on her tail. Nicole followed them, but slower, and she hesitated as she neared it. As Dante came up behind her as well, he realized her hesitation was as if she had a question that needed to be answered before she returned home.

Katelyn looked back at her. “You coming?” she asked the short girl. “You don’t seem to wanna come…”

“Yes, I’m coming, just give me a minute…” she responded as Katelyn shrugged. Then, the blue haired girl ran into the portal with no hesitation.

Travis looked back at his friend, also pausing much like Nicole. He didn’t say anything, just stared at Dante as if he was trying to figure out something. Then he turned to the portal, and ran through it as well.

Nicole turned to Dante and looked him in the eye. While she was usually a quiet girl, she had been more quiet than usual. Almost as if she was observing everything around her.

“Hey, uh… well, now that you know where I’m from… I hope we can still be… friends?” Dante stuttered, praying she would still accept him. Nicole grabbed his hands while still looking him in the eye. Dante felt his cheeks fade a light pink. Her hands were soft and warm, and small compared to his. He looked into her grey eyes with questions, but before he could say anything, she cut him off.

“Of course we can still be friends, but… if you don’t mind, of course… I’d like to be… uh… more than friends…” she stuttered as she also blushed, a rosy red streak appearing over her cheeks and nose. She looked down to her feet, but Dante gently cupped her chin and lifted her face to look up at him once again. Her cheeks blushed a darker red, but before she could ask him what he was doing, he leaned down to her and softly kissed her.

Dante didn’t really know what came over him, but she looked too adorable with her blush to pass up the chance to kiss her for the first time. Her lips were soft and tasted like her strawberry lip gloss. It took Nicole a bit for her to kiss him back, because she was too surprised to comprehend what was happening. After she got over her shock, she kissed him back. Their kiss lasted a few moments before they parted for need of air.

“Sorry… I uh… just, just couldn’t-” Dante began to explain, but Nicole put her finger on his lips, cutting him off from finishing. Her face was still bright red, as was his, but she remained calm.

“Don’t apologize… I liked it… maybe we can do it again when we see each other again?” she suggested cheerfully as she took her finger back and smiled at him. Dante smiles back at her.

“Yeah, alright… okay!” he agreed, feeling his crush on her grow even more as long as she was next to him. They smiled at each other for a bit, but then Nicole turned towards the portal and dashed through it, disappearing back into her own world.

Dante sighed lovingly. He felt better knowing that his friends accepted him for who he was, and he didn’t need much more than that.

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