Behind Those Fiery Eyes

For someone as tough as her, Katelyn has a lot of secrets and weaknesses. She is the one person you wouldn’t mess with, especially by hurting the ones she cares about. She would protect her loved ones with her life, and you’d better believe she’d give herself up for them in a heartbeat. But there’s more to her that nobody knows, more than anybody could even imagine.


2. Just A Memory...

    “No!!” Katelyn screamed as she bolted upright in her bed, sweating and breathing heavily. She wiped her forehead with her hand and her breathing slowed. Her heart was racing almost uncontrollably, and her icy blue eyes were wide with fear. She sighed as she ran her fingers through her long, sky blue hair, and her usually pale face was paler than normal.

    “Not that nightmare again.”

    It had been fifteen years since her mother had died, but it still haunted her every waking moment. Her panic attacks had become less frequent, but they still occurred every once in a while, when she was missing her mother especially much. But today was new.

    Katelyn slipped out of her warm, white blankets on her bed and rubbed her eyes. Soft warm streaks of sunlight were entering her room from her window. She sleepily trudged over to her closet and opened it, scanning her outfits that were hung neatly, with only a few rumpled shirts laying on the ground in a heap. Before she could choose an outfit, she heard hurried footsteps running to her door, which sparked her instincts to hide from her memories of years ago. But she rationalized herself and stopped.

    “Katelyn! I heard you, what’s wrong?” It was one of Katelyn’s roommates, Aphmau. By the looks of the short girl, she had just woken up in a rush. Her long black hair was messy and tangled and she had slight bags underneath her chocolate brown eyes, which were wide with worry. Katelyn took a deep breath and looked her friend in the eyes.

    “I’m fine Aph, don’t worry… just another bad dream…” she reassured the panicked girl, who sighed with relief.

    “Okay, I just wanted to make sure… You remember what today is, right?” Aphmau’s tan skin was glowing as the sun gently hit her face. She lifted her hand as to not become blinded by the sun’s gentle rays.

    “Uh… no?” Katelyn replied as she pulled out a light gray t-shirt with a picture of a pair of headphones on the front, and a pair of light blue skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees.

    “I thought you would have forgotten, we’re going over to the guy’s house today! It’s Laurence’s birthday!” Aphmau cheerfully informed her friend. Katelyn would never say it, but she didn’t really care about that. Sure, Laurence was nice, but pretty much all the boys would just flirt with Aphmau, and it never really interested her.

    “Alright, sure… now go away and let me change,” she ordered as she shooed Aphmau away and shut her door.

She pulled her loose pajama top off and tossed it into the basket of dirty clothes she kept in her closet, and tugged the light gray t-shirt over her head and smoothed out the few wrinkles. Next, she took off her pajama shorts with blue polka dots on them and kicked those into the basket as well. She stuck each leg into the pants leg of her skinny jeans and pulled them up. She had larger thighs and hips and a smaller waist, so the waist of her jeans didn’t fit exactly right, but she didn’t feel like taking them off, so there they were. Last, she pulled on her black high top converse over her mismatched green and yellow ankle socks.

Turning to her vanity next to her bed, Katelyn grabbed her brush and ran it through her hair, untangling all the knots and exposing her hair’s natural wave. She quickly applied her makeup, starting with foundation and primer, following it with eyeshadow, moving onto her winged liner, and finishing with mascara and a light pink lipstick.

Katelyn decided she looked good enough, so she opened her door and left her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She paused before releasing the door handle, and felt her neck for her necklace. She breathed out with relief when she felt the thin metal chain with the small heart pendant hanging just on her collarbone.

The necklace was a gift from her mother, and it was all she had left of her, besides the awful memories. Engraved on the heart was a small cursive K. If anybody ever asked her what it was or what it meant, she would shut them out completely and not answer the question. Not even her closest friend knew.

“Katelyn-Sama! It’s your turn to make breakfast!” A familiar high-pitched voice called out from downstairs. It was Kawaii-Chan, Katelyn’s third roommate. Her name said it all, she was nothing short of kawaii.

Katelyn groaned and thumped down the stairs into the kitchen. Kawaii-Chan was at the dining room table, on her phone. Katelyn sighed and opened the fridge. They didn’t have much. A few eggs, a bit of milk, some apples, half a stick of butter, and a banana. Luckily, Katelyn knew how to make a meal out of almost nothing.

She grabbed the eggs, milk, and butter, and after searching the cabinets, she found some flour and a large mixing bowl. She dumped her ingredients onto the counter and poured the correct amount of each ingredient into the bowl. She grabbed a whisk she found in the utensil drawer and mixed the ingredients while heating a large nonstick pan on the stove next to her. She was always a bit wary with fire, but she knew this was a stove and if she wasn’t careless, it couldn’t hurt anybody.

Katelyn poured the batter she made into the pan and grabbed a spatula. She hummed as she waited for the pancakes to finish cooking on that side.

“What is Katelyn-Sama making?” Kawaii-Chan asked, looking up from her phone at the blue haired girl.

“Pancakes,” Katelyn replied simply as she flipped the pancakes over. She kept humming as she waited, and the song she was humming was a song from her favorite anime.

After a minute or two, the pancakes were done. Just turning a light brown at the edges, Katelyn picked them up with the spatula and placed them on a plate. After turning off the stove, she took the plate over to the dining table and set it down.

“Oooh!” Kawaii-Chan cooed excitedly. The pink haired girl had already set the table, and her white cat ears were upright excitedly. Her white tail was curled into her lap, gently flicking upwards slightly every once in a while.

“Aphmau! Breakfast is ready!” Katelyn called as she sat down next to Kawaii-Chan and served each of them two pancakes, including a plate for Aphmau.

“Coming!” Aphmau called back in response as she ran downstairs and slid into her seat at the table.

“Nice entrance,” Katelyn commented as she began to eat her pancakes.

“Aphmau-Senpai, when are we going over to Laurence-Kun’s birthday party?” Kawaii-Chan asked cheerfully before she stuck a forkful of pancake into her mouth.

Aphmau chuckled. “Soon, Kawaii-Chan. Don’t make any shipping shrines while we’re there, okay?” she instructed.

Kawaii-Chan had a bad habit of creating ships of her friends, often when they didn’t want her to. She took pictures of them together doing even mundane things, such as taking a walk or having a conversation, and put the pictures up on a section of wall with candles. It was rather creepy, as Katelyn thought.

“Oh don’t be silly, Aphmau-Senpai! Kawaii-Chan would never!” the pink haired girl cooed rather unconvincingly. Katelyn rolled her eyes at this response.

“Kawaii-Chan you do this all the time,” she pointed out truthfully.

“No Kawaii-Chan doesn’t! Only sometimes…” Kawaii-Chan admitted while glancing down.

“Okay you two, don’t fight!” Aphmau intervened before Kawaii-Chan’s other bad habit to say the wrong thing at the wrong time decided to show as well. Katelyn sat back in her seat and crossed her arms a bit.

“Fine… But if I find she made a shrine of me, I’m knocking her block off.”

“Don’t worry, Katelyn-Sama! Kawaii-Chan won’t!” Kawaii-Chan chirped happily as the three girls finished their breakfasts.

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