Behind Those Fiery Eyes

For someone as tough as her, Katelyn has a lot of secrets and weaknesses. She is the one person you wouldn’t mess with, especially by hurting the ones she cares about. She would protect her loved ones with her life, and you’d better believe she’d give herself up for them in a heartbeat. But there’s more to her that nobody knows, more than anybody could even imagine.


4. Game Time!

After a rushed mess, the three girls had made it to the guys house in time for the party. Aphmau was holding the three presents they had each picked out for Laurence. Kawaii-Chan rang the doorbell, and after a bit of rustling around inside the house, a tall, blond haired boy in blue flannel opened the door. It was Garroth.

“Hello girls! C’mon in!” he greeted them in his deep voice and stepped to the side. Aphmau smiled cheerfully and walked inside, followed by a skipping Kawaii-Chan. Katelyn was last inside, for she did not want to be there. She trudged inside and stood against the wall.

“C’mon Katelyn, cheer up! We’re at a birthday party!” Aphmau encouraged her grumpy blue haired friend, who didn’t budge.

“I don’t want to be here,” she muttered.

“Why not? You like Laurence, he’s nice! Actually, you like all of these guys!” Aphmau pointed out. And it was true, she did like the guys. For the most part.

“You forgot one part of that, Aph.”


“You forgot-” Katelyn began before she was cut off by a familiar voice next to her, ironically belonging to the one person Aphmau forgot she didn’t necessarily like.

“Heyyyyy Katelyn~!” It was Travis.

Aphmau giggled, watching them. “Oh, right… so that’s what I forgot!”

Katelyn’s cheeks faded a light pink as she scowled. She didn’t just “not like” Travis, she despised him.

“Get away from me Travis, don’t you remember last time?” she growled while glancing at him from the side.

“Right, right, sorry…” He stepped away, glancing down and rubbing his neck. His messy snow white hair covered part of his eye on the left side. His eyes were a forest green, but they glowed and sparkled a bright jade color in the sunlight. He wore his usual emerald green hoodie and black pants with cactus green converse.

“Oh Katelyn, be nice!” Aphmau scolded her. Katelyn looked down slightly to meet eyes with her friend and hardened her stare.

“How can you tell me to be nice when you know what happens when he’s around me!” she reasoned as she flipped her hair over her shoulder. Travis looked up and shrugged shamelessly.

“How can I resist when you look so good all the time!”

Katelyn turned her hard glare towards him. Her icy eyes narrowed and he backed away a bit.

“Sorry! It’s my nature to be flirty!” Travis ran his fingers through his messy hair as he looked down.

“Ugh, I’m done. Where’s Nicole, anyway?” Katelyn sighed and looked around just as the front door opened again and a short, red haired girl stepped in.

“Hello? I’m here!” the girl announced as her wide, childlike gray eyes scanned the room.

“Hey Nic!” Katelyn greeted her as she walked over to her and gave her a side hug. Nicole was shorter than Aphmau, and was so short Katelyn, the tallest girl out of everyone, could put her chin on top of her head easily. Nicole’s bright ruby red hair was straight as can be naturally and was brushed neatly. She was wearing a pink and red flannel shirt that was unbuttoned, with a white tank top underneath, and had on light blue jeans with her black flats. Her gray eyes that always somehow had joy in them were almost obstructed by her bangs.

“Did I miss anything?” the short girl asked her tall friend, looking up at her.

“No, not really, we just got here too,” Katelyn replied as she gestured to Aphmau and Kawaii-Chan.

“Oh, cool! Are you having ‘boy problems’ again?” The red haired girl always seemed to know her friend best.

Katelyn nodded. “Yep, same guy…”

“I figured. I'll talk to him,” Nicole responded as she walked over to Travis, who was absentmindedly staring outside the window. Katelyn could hear their conversation, so she leaned against the wall and listened in.

“Hey, I heard you were flirting with Katelyn again,” Nicole began as Travis looked down a bit and nodded.

“Yeah… I can't help it! I'm a natural flirt!” he tried to explain, but Nicole held a hand up to stop him.

“Alright, I get that, but last time she punched you!” Nicole truthfully pointed out.

“Well… yeah I guess you're right…” Travis looked down and rubbed his neck, his messy white hair falling over his eyes.

“You should try talking to her when she's not upset, and don't flirt as much! If it hasn't been working, why keep doing it?” Was Nicole giving him advice on how to talk to her?!

“Hey, that's a good idea! Thanks Nicole!” Travis seemed truly grateful, as if he has been looking for ways to talk to her but finally got a good one.

“No problem! See ya around!” Nicole walked back over to her blue haired friend, who was not happy with her.

“I could hear you. What was that for?!” Katelyn exploded on Nicole, who stood back a bit.

“Woah, he's just wanting to talk to you! It's not a big deal!” she tried to reason with her friend. Katelyn hated that she was right.

“Fine. But I’m still not happy about this.”

Nicole beamed. “Just give him a chance, things might not end up so bad!” Katelyn was hesitant to agree, but she knew things couldn’t get much worse.


After about an hour, the three girls left the party. It hadn’t gone as bad as Katelyn anticipated, which was good. Aphmau had spent her time with most of the boys, who all flirted with her. About half the time she caught on, but the other half of the time she was blissfully unaware of their intentions during conversation. Kawaii-Chan had spent her time at the party taking pictures of people she shipped, for her shipping shrines no doubt.

As they were walking down the sidewalk to their house, Katelyn was on her phone, not paying attention in the slightest. Aphmau was holding onto her arm, steering her in the right direction.

“Katelyn, why don’t you pay attention to where you’re walking?” she sighed. Katelyn looked up from her phone and tucked it into her back pocket.

“Fine, fine…” she said as she looked around. The girls were walking up their driveway. Aphmau pulled out the house keys she had and unlocked the front door, and all three girls walked in.  

Kawaii-Chan instantly made a beeline for the kitchen and started baking. Aphmau chuckled a bit, and sat on the couch. Katelyn sat next to her and turned the TV on and started watching a horror movie. The house was filled with the smell of chocolate cake, as that was what Kawaii-Chan was baking. Her baking skills were enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

As Kawaii-Chan was baking, Aphmau was scared by a jumpscare, and jumped into Katelyn’s side, gripping her arm in fright. Katelyn snickered a bit and held onto her.

“Scared, Aphmau?” she teased as her friend looked up at her with a face full of terror. Aphmau took a deep breath and calmed herself, and let go of her blue haired friend.

“No, what are you talking about?” she jokingly lied obviously. Katelyn shook her head while grinning slightly and kept watching the movie.

“If you’re scared, you can still sit by me. I won’t bite.”

Aphmau pretended to look offended. “Who, me? Scared? No way.”

“You’re such a bad liar, get over here,” Katelyn teased her friend again as she grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back over to her side. She wrapped an arm around her and held onto her as there was another jumpscare, which of course caused Aphmau to jump and hold onto her. Katelyn snickered again and held onto her for the rest of the movie.

Just as the movie ended, Kawaii-Chan finished baking.

“The cake is done!” she called from the kitchen as she pulled it out of the oven and began to frost it. Aphmau jumped up and ran into the kitchen eagerly. Katelyn got up and turned the TV off, and went upstairs to her room.

Shutting the door, Katelyn began to hum. She sat on her bed and pulled up the book she was in the process of reading, but before she opened it she glanced at the clock. The blinking bars which formed numbers read 3:26. It was almost time for her volleyball game.

Katelyn got up and went to her closet, throwing the doors open. She changed quickly into her white t-shirt with her volleyball nickname on it, “Spike”. She threw on some gym shorts which were black with a white stripe down each side, and put on her tennis shoes that were bright blue. She ran downstairs while putting her hair in a high ponytail and put her phone and wallet into her gym bag as she grabbed it.

“Bye Aph, bye KC!” Katelyn called as she threw the door open and ran outside and to her car. She jumped inside and started the car, tossing her bag next to her in the passenger seat. She backed out of the driveway and started driving down the street.

In no time at all, Katelyn got to the place her team was meeting and parked the car, jumping out while grabbing her bag. She ran inside and checked in with the coach and dropped her bag on the sidelines, and met up with the girls on her team and high fived them as their way of greeting one another. But what Katelyn didn't notice was another person there already, sitting in the bleachers, watching.

Travis had been waiting for her to show up, and the second she walked into the room, his bright green eyes lit up happily. He knew she wouldn't be happy to see him there, but he just had to see her play. He just hoped she wouldn't kill him.

Katelyn tightened her ponytail as she scanned the bleachers. Once her icy eyes caught sight of the familiar messy white hair and emerald green eyes, she narrowed her eyes to give Travis a hard stare. He blushed a bit and lowered his gaze to the floor, and Katelyn looks back at her team and caught the ball she was tossed.

Coach blew the whistle, and the team arranged themselves into position, with Katelyn as the server. She served the ball to the other team and heard a girl shout “GOT IT!” before she passed it back. The girl to the left of Katelyn set the ball back to the other team, and one of the other girls set it up too high. Katelyn ran forward and spiked the ball, hence her nickname “Spike”.”.

As soon as the ball hit the ground on the other team’s side, Katelyn landed on the ground on her team’s side and fist pumped before high fiving her team. The people in the bleachers cheered for her team, Travis cheering the most joyfully out of all of them. Katelyn hadn’t noticed, and paced backwards into her spot again. The other team passed the ball to their server as the people in the bleachers quieted again. The server of the other team served the ball back over the net, and the girl in front of Katelyn set the ball high into the air. The girl opposite her set the ball back higher, and Katelyn sprinted forward, skidding to a stop just in time to save the ball while landing on her bottom by forearm passing it back to her teammates. Her teammates attempted to set the ball back over the net, but the two girls in the back collided with one another and fell to the ground as the ball hit the ground on their side. Katelyn sighed and stood again, rubbing her bottom where she fell. It had felt like it had been half an hour, but it was only about ten minutes into the game. She sighed again and got back into her server position and waited to be passed the ball.

After a long, laborious game, Katelyn sat against the wall and took her water bottle out of her gym bag, disappointed to find it empty. She pulled out her phone and texted her roommates, not noticing Travis making his way through the crowd of girls over to her. She only noticed him when he sat next to her.

“Hey, you did good today!” He smiled at her cheerfully as he passed her a full water bottle. She gratefully took it, surprised.

“Thanks, what are you doing here?” she asked, cracking open the cap and taking a swig of water.

“Just came to see you!” he replied cheerfully.

“And why?” she responded with an eyebrow raised.

“Just because! Well I mean, I like seeing you play!”

Katelyn glanced away. Why would he like to see her play volleyball? She looked back up at him and he was still smiling at her. His smile had changed, from more cheerful to more dreamy.

“Alright… I guess I could’ve played better than I did for this game.” Katelyn ran her fingers through her hair. Travis shook his head.

“No, you did great! I saw that fall you took, are you okay?”

Katelyn felt her cheeks turn a light pink. She wasn’t used to people caring how she was.

“Yeah, I’m fine… it didn’t hurt that much, I’m fine now.”

“Alright, if you say so! Hey, uh, can I ask you something?” Travis rubbed the back of his head while looking down slightly. Katelyn tilted her head a bit, wondering why.


“U-uh… um… uh…”

She would never tell him, but she thought his nervousness and shyness was adorable.

“Yes, what is it?”

“Uh… w-would you… want to… go on a… a d-date… with me?” He was blushing very much and looking away, running his hand through his hair out of nervousness. The truth was, he was afraid of rejection from her, even though he was expecting it. She seemed to hate him, but he couldn’t go another day without asking. The truth was, he loved her.

Katelyn’s face quickly burned red. Her icy blue eyes darted around, thinking about what he had just asked. She would never tell him this either, but she secretly liked him.

“U-uh… can… can I have a day to, uh… think about it?” she asked, honestly not knowing what her answer should be.

Travis looked up at her and sighed, conflicted on how to feel. On one hand, she didn’t say no and hurt him like she usually would. But on the other hand, she didn’t say yes, and might want some time to think about how to reject him again.

“Yeah, sure, I understand.”

He stood up and walked out of the room with his hands in his pockets, his emerald eyes looking down, filling with hopelessness. He felt that she would never understand how he felt for her, and had less chances to have her feel the same.

Katelyn watched him leave, feeling upset he had left. She knew he liked her, it wasn’t much of a big secret. Everyone knew, for crying out loud. But there was something about his mood when he left that left her upset. He seemed genuinely sad she hadn’t said yes right away.

Even as she stood and gathered her things to leave, she couldn’t stop thinking about it. She left the building and sat in her car, thinking about what had just happened. Then she thought of something she had thought of before, but never considered until now.

What if he had actual feelings for her?

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