Behind Those Fiery Eyes

For someone as tough as her, Katelyn has a lot of secrets and weaknesses. She is the one person you wouldn’t mess with, especially by hurting the ones she cares about. She would protect her loved ones with her life, and you’d better believe she’d give herself up for them in a heartbeat. But there’s more to her that nobody knows, more than anybody could even imagine.


1. Behind Firefist

    Fire. Lots of it. Everywhere. Everywhere around her was burning to the touch, and she was surrounded. Katelyn, only four years old, clung onto her mother’s shirt, terrified and not understanding what was happening. Her mother held her tighter, fear in her eyes but courage in her grip. Above them was the sound of wood cracking and crumbling to bits. Her mother looked up, her icy blue eyes much like her daughter’s open wide. She held little Katelyn to her chest and whispered in her ear.

    “Stay strong for mommy.”

    Katelyn couldn’t understand. What did her mother mean? She looked into her eyes and saw tears forming in them, but she still had a smile.

    “Momma?” she managed to squeak out. She reached up for her mother’s face. Her mother took her hand and held it within hers, and gently kissed the tops of her fingers.

    “Remember, mommy loves you,” she told her daughter with a sadness like no other in her voice. The wood above them crashed down on top of them, with her mother shielding her daughter from the impact. The last thing Katelyn could remember was her mother’s blood staining her hands as she cried.

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