Loves Written Words

Victoria Hawthorne is an ambitious writer, but when she finds a secret door in the library, her life is turned upside down when she finds a boy who has loved her for years.


3. Revelations

Chapter 19: College, and that one house party.

College was fairly uneventful for Leo, though if he hadn’t gone to that house party that Aaron made him go to, he would never have fallen in love like he did.

Of course, being the only one in the group with a drivers license he ended up designated driver. “Unwilling to go and having to drive you there and back. Why do you do this to me Aaron?” he remarked sarcastically, smirking at Aaron.

“You know I’m thankful Leo! Helping me to get the girls so to speak!” they both laughed as Leo pulled into the driveway.

It wasn’t until about 9:30 that Leo actually began to enjoy himself, he had his diet coke and was heading outside, just as he saw the most beautiful sight before him.

I slammed the book closed, cheeks flushed and palms sweaty. My eyes darted around the room to see where the old man was, still sitting at the desk, now writing in my book, hopefully leaving this part out.

What are you doing Leo, stop staring. She’s not even looking at you go back inside. The voice in his head kept convincing him not to head over to her, not to get involved. His feet carried him over to her anyway.

‘Hey, whats a beautiful girl like you sitting alone out here, without a drink come on your not doing this house party thing properly.’ Stupid.

‘Going home that’s what shes doing.’ Don’t sit down. Don’t sit down. Though he sat down anyway.

‘Yeah I thought so, I’m Leo’ WHAT ARE YOU SAYING LEO! He instinctively offered her his hand to shake, to his surprise she took it.

It felt weird reading his internal monologue of our first meeting, though I couldn’t help but keep reading, knowing how he really felt in those few minutes and how I felt so completely different to him.

‘Victoria*’ she let go of his hand before turning away, ‘My cab is here, I should get going’ as she stood he followed her actions, now evidently ignoring everything his mind was telling him to do. She thanked him for the company and climbed into her cab.

He saw her at college, they acknowledged each other in the corridors but never actually spoke again, and he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Though he couldn’t do anything to be with her, he noticed her pulling away from friends, work and-

I knew exactly what point this was, when my father first became ill, he did get better, but he eventually relapsed and went downhill quickly towards his death. I felt hot tears on my cheeks and closed the book. “I think I’ve read enough of this.” I stood up and put the book on the old mans desk. “Thank you for letting me read these, its been insightful but I have a book to write so I have to get going.” The man looked confused.

“If that’s how you feel, you know where these are if you change your mind” I picked up my bag and headed towards the door, the tears still streaming down my face. I couldn’t face writing again so I headed out to my car and sobbed.


*  *  *


It had been about 30 minutes and I had finally calmed down enough to drive. Though I wasn’t going home. I found myself driving towards the college grounds, whether it was reading all that happened with the house party and Leo or that fact that my dad always dropped me here when he was well enough. I saw someone sitting on the bench by the gate, looking down at his phone. I couldn’t see his face properly as his hair was blocking his eyes. I got out of my car, grabbed my bag from the back seat and headed towards the bench the other side of the gate. I pulled out my laptop and began to write. It wasn’t what I was supposed to be writing but I needed to get my feelings out onto paper, well, word document.

“Victoria?” It took me a few seconds to realised someone actually spoke to me. I looked up and turn around to face the man on the bench. “Is that actually you?”

“Oh my god. Leo Franks right?” Its only right I saw him today, as much as I was trying to get away from those books the more they became involved in my life.

“Yes! How are you?” I closed my computer down and smiled.

“I’m really good, I’m writing my first novel.” He grinned and sat back, gesturing for me to sit next to him. “How about you, how did sports go for you?” I sat down next to him, tucking my bag and feet under the bench.

“Not so good, I shattered my kneecap after college, bang went basketball.”

“I’m so sorry.”

“Its okay, turns out I have a good eye for photography!” we both laughed, and it felt like I was back at college, but actually making friends instead of pulling myself away from everything to look after my father. He showed me some of his work on his phone, I was shocked, he never seemed to be the creative type in college, and we just talked. Talked and laughed about nothing. Then my phone rang, my mom breaking up the best thing to happen all day.  

“I should get going, my moms not handling things well after loosing my dad and shes worried so…”

“Yeah I totally get it, take care Victoria, we can always pick this conversation up again sometime” He smiled a soft smile before offering his hand out for me to shake. I took it, said goodbye and headed back home. The whole time, butterflies filling my stomach, knowing how he felt about me in college, and knowing there was nothing I could do to change how it went.


*  *  *


I pulled up on the driveway and my mom was sticking her head through the curtains. Her face flooded with relief when I stepped out of the car and walked towards the door.

“Why didn’t you call and say you’d be late home, I was worried sick!” she fretted.

“Because I’m 23, and I met a friend and we lost track of time.” I sighed and pulled my laptop from my bag, heading into the living room to work more on my book. The more I worked on it the less I thought about those books, and Leo. As I sat down, my phone vibrated in my pocket, I sighed as I read it was a message from Leo.

It was lovely catching up with you today, I hope we can see each other again soon. x

I looked at the message and sighed. My mom must have heard me because I felt her hand softly on my shoulder.

“Are you alright honey?” she said sitting next to me.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I put my phone down on the couch and continued writing for what felt like minutes, but ended up being hours.


*  *  *


I woke up the next morning with a stiff neck on the couch my laptop open on the seat next to me. I panicked, not remembering if I saved the file. I slammed my hand down on the keyboard and the screen came on. I logged back in and the file opened on my screen. “Yes” I sighed. I saved it, and headed into the kitchen to make breakfast. There was a note on the countertop from mom when I got in there.

Headed out to work, theres been an emergency with the accounts and they obviously needed my expertise to sort it. Theres eggs in the basket and bacon in the fridge, Love you, Mom xxx

I smiled and put the note in my pocket. I made myself the best bacon and egg sandwich ever and sat down at the table, I had another message from Leo.

I’m heading out down to the beach today with my camera if you would like to come, it might give you a different perspective for your book. Let me know and I’ll come and pick you up. X

I felt myself smiling down at my phone. Chill out Vic! He’s not asking you on a date. I quickly replied while eating my sandwich.

I’d love to! I’ll meet you there I need to fuel my car up anyway. Thanks for yesterday, I fell asleep last night before I got your message! x

I smiled at the thought of doing something different with someone I’d never expect to spend time with. This could honestly be the best day. 

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