It was time for Sirius to leave his family, they didn't love him, and he certainly wasn't going to waste his time with them, especially when the Potter's are there.
But what happens when two strangers confront Sirius, telling him of their relations to the Black Family, seems like he doesn't know all the secrets of his family.
Sirius also possess his father's ring, after Walburga and Orion are brutally murdered one night, but that ring holds magic and also a message for Sirius.


2. The Potter Family

Tonight was the last night that Sirius was going to see Mr. And Mrs. Potter, before he went to Hogwarts with James, deep down inside he felt a feeling of guilt for not going to his parents dinner, though he knew what the outcome was going to be anyway, so he pushed that away into the back of his mind and focused on the now. Mrs. Potter was a lovely lady, her hair was mixed between brown and orange, and it had reminded her of Molly and Arthur, he smiled to himself. The Marauders had put a bet on them to see if Molly would become a Weasley, and there were high hopes.

‘So Sirius, what do you think you’re going to do when you leave Hogwarts?’

Mrs. Potter asked with a smile, ‘As you know, I’m working at the Hogsmeade bar, but I don’t think I’ll stay there for long, I have been taking the Auror lessons’, Mrs. Potter gasped, ‘you’re going to be an Auror? So it James!’ James looked up from his dinner and swallowed, ‘oh yeah, forgot to tell you Siri, I got into the course as well’.

‘Really!? That’s great, I thought I was going to be alone on this one’.

‘Nah, that’s never going to happen’.

Mr. Potter smiled, ‘it’s good that you want to become an Auror, you’re going to be a great one when you’ve got your mind set on something, you won’t let it go, like a dog with a bone’. James and Sirius exchanged quick glances before looking back at their food, ‘yeah, that’s right, but I was also trying to get into the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures’, that raised a few eyebrows, even James’s.

‘Really? Now that’s very interesting, I didn’t think you were into that kind of thing’.

Mr. Potter said with a little nod of the head, ‘but I think it’s wonderful’. Sirius shrugged, ‘I doubt I’ll be able to get in, but it’s worth a shot’.

‘Oh don’t put yourself down, the only way of knowing is if you try it out’.

Mrs. Potter said with a gentle smile, ‘so how’s Remus and Peter going?’ The Potters’, of course, knew Remus and Peter, but they weren’t aware that Remus was a werewolf. James and Sirius wanted to tell them, but that would risk their safety and Remus’s if the Ministry had confronted them.

‘Remus returned from a holiday last week, and Peter, well I think I keep on sending the messages to his old address, so I don’t really know how he is, I’d say he’d be fine, we’ll see him tomorrow anyway’.

‘How’s thing back home though?’

They too, knew about how Sirius was being treated at him and was clearly disgusted that a mere truthful sorting had ruined Sirius’s life, but Sirius had brushed it off, the moment he graduated, he was moving out and getting an apartment not far from the Potters’. ‘It’s been the normal stuff, nothing I do will ever please them, Regulus is still being a little cow to me, but hey, that’s his choice’.

Both the Potters’ exchanged worried looks before continuing with their dinner.


When dinner was finished, James had apparated with Sirius to his room back in Grimmauld Place, ‘I’ll help you bring the stuff to the door’, he said, they levitated the bags and went down the creaky stairs, ‘Sirius, are you home?’ Both flinched at Walburga’s voice, she appeared in the entrance of the living room, her eyes landed on James Potter first, and she smiled, it was like any normal smile, it was something Sirius wouldn’t dare think about. He had declined James’s offer about coming over and helping, because h knew that his mother was aware that the Potter’s were a Pureblood line, and that’s what the Black family lusted over, it didn’t matter if Walburga was married to Orion.

‘Well hello James, what brings you here?’

Sirius could see the tension in James’s shoulders, ‘just helping Sirius move his stuff to the front area for his departure tomorrow morning. By the way, would it be alright, if my parents could take Sirius as well?’ Walburga though for a moment before nodding slowly, ‘that won’t be a problem at all, just knock on the door and Sirius will be there’. They continued to move down the steps, this time Walburga was watching them, the last of the bags were neatly to the side so that no one would trip over them, ‘alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow then Sirius, goodnight, and goodnight Mrs. Black’, he said quickly before apparating away.

‘He’s grown into a fine young man hasn’t he?’

His mother’s voice rang through Sirius’s ears, and he couldn’t help but cringe, even thinking about his mother lusting over his best friend was going to send him to Azkaban. He was about to head back upstairs when Orion called him into his office, ‘sit down’, he said in a gruff voice, and Sirius sighed and did so, Orion Black’s office was large, the walls were a dark green and tinted with bits of silver, the bookshelves were lined with history books and government studies. Sirius hated this room, Orion cleared his throat, ‘so, you’ll be marrying Bellatrix after you graduate’.


‘Don’t interrupt me’.

‘I don’t want to marry her!’

‘You don’t want to do anything Sirius’.

‘I’ve got a job, I’m moving out of here the moment I graduate from Hogwarts, don’t tell me I don’t want to do anything!’

Orion was up on his feet, his eyes were wide with anger, ‘you’re not going anywhere, whether you like it or not, you’ll be staying here in Grimmauld Place, and you’re going to marry Bellatrix, it’s part of the tradition’. Sirius mirrored his father, they were now the same height, ‘I don’t give two craps about the Black tradition, it’s sick, and I will have no part of it!’

‘Very well, if you won’t have any part of it, then consider yourself disowned if you do not return home after this year’.

‘That’s way better than being stuck in your tree!’

‘Get out!’

Sirius didn’t hesitate, he stormed out, almost smashing into Regulus, who was in no doubt listening in on the conversation, ‘trying your best to ruin the family?’ Was his comment, suddenly he was on the ground and Sirius took a step back in shock, he had struck Regulus, who was now nursing a bleeding nose. Sirius had rushed back to his room, awaiting his punishment as he heard his parents yelling with the mixture of Regulus crying in pain.




James knocked on the wooden door of Grimmauld Place, he waited until the door swung open, revealing Sirius, he sported a massive bruise over his left eye, ‘oh god, what the hell happened Siri?’ James asked as he took out his wand, but Sirius stopped him, ‘they don’t want me to touch it, I hit Regulus and gave him a bloody nose’, James winced, ‘Jesus, but I guess he was being a prat’, Sirius shrugged and began levitating his bags to the car. Mr. Potter as shocked to see the bruise, ‘oh god Sirius, are you okay? Did you put some cream on that?’

‘no, we don’t have any cream’.

Mrs. Potter glared at Grimmauld Place, ‘don’t worry dear, we’ll get some cream along the way’. The Potters’ car a clunky old scrap, but Sirius loved it all together, they were rich, but they were smart enough to buy things that were never expensive, Mr. Potter hated doing that.
They had stopped by and obtained some cream after Sirius had told them that his parents were going to keep an eye on him to see if he healed himself, it was some way of punishment and Sirius didn’t mind.

‘They should never touch you in any sort of way’.

Mr. Potter said, he was trying to keep his voice neutral, but Sirius could hear the edge in his tone, the irritation, and anger, mixed with disbelief, ‘it’s the way my family runs, and I can’t do anything about it’.

‘Well, don’t forget, you’ve got us if something horrible goes wrong’.

He smiled at Mrs. Potter’s sweet tone, ‘thank you’.


9 ¾ was filled with students, some with no colors to their robe, suggesting they were first years, ‘god, I can’t wait to prank them’, Sirius said with a chuckle, ‘same, some of them look rather snobby, and I haven’t even spoken to them’.  Sirius looked over the sea of heads, to see if he could see anyone he knew. He sneered when he saw Lucius and Snape, ‘god, I swear they’re like brothers’, he said and James followed his gaze, ‘yeah, barely away from each other, I can’t believe we even got so lucky with Remus, I don’t know whether he’s spoken to anyone about it’.

‘I doubt he would because I threatened to obliviate him’.

‘Damn Sirius’.

They moved through the crowd, letting the train assistance taken their bags, Mr. And Mrs. Potter trailing behind them, ‘we’ve got to find Remus and Peter’, James said, Sirius nodded but stopped when he saw Regulus with his mates, their eyes locked and Regulus glared at him, which caught the attention of his friends, who replicated his glare, ‘heads up’, Sirius said, tapping James’s arm. Regulus’s gang crowded around them, ‘so, how’s the blood traitor doing?’ One of the boys said, he was tall and lanky, and his hair was dark, ‘heard you were going to get disowned’. Sirius didn’t falter, he was used to this, Regulus snorted at him, ‘I like that bruise you’ve got, it’s a shame you can’t heal it’, his steely eyes were on Sirius, then James stepped in front of him, ‘how about I give you a bruise, I’ll keep an eye on you so that you won’t heal it, and if you do, then there will be consequences. Sirius’s heart leapt with joy when he saw his brother flinch, ‘you cow!’ Regulus pulled out his wand, as did everyone else, no spell was uttered when a voice was heard, ‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you’, everyone turned to see a boy, tall than all of them, over six foot, his hair was a dusty brown and his eyes were tinted with brown and gold, three distinctive claw marks were etched into his face, he was already dressed in his robes, proving to be a Gryffindor, both James and Sirius smiled, ‘hello Remus’.



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