It was time for Sirius to leave his family, they didn't love him, and he certainly wasn't going to waste his time with them, especially when the Potter's are there.
But what happens when two strangers confront Sirius, telling him of their relations to the Black Family, seems like he doesn't know all the secrets of his family.
Sirius also possess his father's ring, after Walburga and Orion are brutally murdered one night, but that ring holds magic and also a message for Sirius.


5. The Ghost of Ravenclaw Tower

The ghosts around Hogwarts were nice to talk to, not all the time, only when you’ve got nothing to do. Sirius had searched out The Grey Lady, she didn’t belong to Gryffindor, she belonged to Ravenclaw. She was a beautiful woman, her dark hair was never tied up, her big eyes were draped with sorrow, but never when Sirius was talking to her. She was dressed in her usual garments, though Sirius hated them, the dress she wore was tattered and was stained with blood. Her blood. After the Bloody Baron had killed her in rage after she refused his love, frankly Sirius had wondered why Hogwarts had even accepted him, but the thing was, he was a Slytherin, they were always going to be selfish pricks.

‘Speak your mind’.

Sirius was ripped from his stupor, realizing that he was smirking, Helena was sitting next to him, her eyes were subtle.

‘Sorry, just thinking about you’.

Her cheeks seem to grow a little dark, and Sirius didn’t bother taking back his words, if she were alive and his age, he would’ve had her himself, ‘be that as it may, something else is bothering you little one’. Sirius cocked an eyebrow at her, Helena was known to call him little one, even though he was nearly an adult.

‘It’s family, I am to a marry one of my cousins from Slytherin the moment I graduate from Hogwarts’.

‘Oh dear, that sounds horrible’.

‘It is. I mean, I don’t loathe her, it’s just because we don’t love each other and we’re related, my parents are bloody related’.

Helena sighed, ‘It is most unfortunate’, Sirius looked at her, ‘you needn’t worry about it, you can’t do anything about it, but it’s nice having someone to talk to other than my friends’. Helena smiled, ‘that’s fine, and it’s nice talking to you at least, the other students always question my story of death, it gets quite frustrating nowadays’. Sirius had woken up early to see the sunrise, it was his favorite thing to see when he was at Hogwarts, there was a clear view, that’s how he met Helena Ravenclaw, she too loved seeing the sunrise. Sirius wrapped his cloak tighter around his body, Hogwarts grew rather cold in the morning and he had forgotten to grab his scarf.


He jumped a little to see Remus standing under the arch, already dressed in his uniform and cloak, along with his scarf and gloved, in his hands he held Sirius’s scarf and gloves, which Sirius took with a ‘thank you’, as he slipped them on, ‘contemplating about life are we? Hello Miss. Ravenclaw’, Remus moved to Sirius’s left, smiling at Helena, who gave him a smile and a curt nod, ‘yeah, just thinking about life’.

‘At least you have a life’.

‘Stop it, Remus’.

He curled his arm around Remus’s shoulder... Well... He attempted to, Remus was massive, practically looming over Sirius, who was actually over six foot. Both laughed uttering ‘sorry’ and ‘that’s quite alright’. Sirius ended up hugging himself in order to keep warm, ‘I think you should run away Sirius’, Remus said without looking down at the other Marauder, who had snapped his eyes up at him in shock, ‘run away? You’re telling me to run away?’

‘Yes Sirius, I am’.


‘What’s wrong?’

‘I thought you’d tell me to marry Bellatrix’.

‘Oh god no Sirius! What do you think I am? Insane?’

‘You are rather loony’.

Remus stared at him deadpanned before bursting out with laughter, and he was joined by Sirius, ‘I don’t know why that was funny, that was a horrible one’.


They said their goodbyes to Helena before heading off to breakfast, ‘we have Transfigurations today’, Remus said, Sirius was lucky enough to have Remus in his class, ‘really? Sorry, I haven’t looked at my roster yet’, Sirius said as he grabbed some scrambled eggs and sausages, ‘where’s James and Peter?’

‘I’d say they’re still asleep, we get the good stuff though’.

As if a bell had been rung, James and Peter rushed in, as well as other students, ‘damn it, they beat us’, James chuckled as he pretended to feel defeated before taking a seat across from Remus and Sirius, ‘where were you guys this morning, I woke up and you guys were gone, you couldn’t have been eating all morning’.

‘We were talking to Helena Ravenclaw, also watching the sunrise’.

‘I didn’t know you were into sunrises!’

‘I’ve always been interested in those, is there a problem?’

‘No, not at all, it’s quite peaceful, maybe I should do it’.



Transfigurations was interesting, Sirius assumed he’d do well, but realized how much he hadn’t even practiced. The Bird-Conjuring Charm he thought he had it sorted, but no bird came to him, Remus, on the other hand, was doing exceptionally well, ‘I see some of you have done your homework’.

‘Homework? But we finished the whole year!’

‘That doesn’t matter’.

Sirius rolled his eyes, he like some teachers, just not this one, Remus rolled his eyes, ‘come on Sirius, I’ll show you’. It had taken Sirius a whole class time to get it right, Sirius felt embarrassed but Remus was thinking otherwise, ‘you can add that to your list of pranks’.

‘I might do that, I could flood the whole of the Slytherin common room with birds’.

‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you, otherwise you’d be greeted with a few weeks of detention’.

‘Yeah, I have to watch out for those’.

The classroom was rather nice, the windows allowed enough light into the room. It was soothing for Sirius, ‘I wonder who the next teacher is DADA?’ Remus asked as he began packing his stuff away, ‘I don’t know, but I hope that curse stops, it’s bloody annoying’.

‘Everything seems to annoy you, Sirius’.

‘I know, I’m not an easy person to please’.

They met James and Peter outside, ‘my class was rather boring, Peter wasn’t even in it’.

‘What class did you have?’


‘Oh yeah, that would be boring. Did you get to touch those ugly tree babies?’

‘They’re called Mandrake Sirius’.

‘Right those things’.

James shook his head, ‘no, I hate those, I swear I can still hear them through the earmuffs’.

‘The earmuffs don’t block out the noise one hundred percent, but it stops the noise piercing the eardrums as violently’.

‘Thanks for the info Remus’.

James stared at him deadpanned and Remus shrugged, ‘just thought you’d want to know’.

They moved quietly from the greenhouse, the sky wasn’t clear, but it was nice all the same, ‘I’m going to miss this place when we graduate’, Sirius said, ‘I know, I’m thinking of maybe becoming a teacher here’, James said, Sirius smiled, ‘that would be great. How long is the study for?’

‘Apparently, to be a teacher assistant there’s a six-month course’.

‘That should be good’.

‘It would get me doing something, but apart from that, I kind of want to get into the Auror training’.

Sirius knew about James’s dedication, he too was just like him, some people would wonder if they were brothers separated at birth.



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