It was time for Sirius to leave his family, they didn't love him, and he certainly wasn't going to waste his time with them, especially when the Potter's are there.
But what happens when two strangers confront Sirius, telling him of their relations to the Black Family, seems like he doesn't know all the secrets of his family.
Sirius also possess his father's ring, after Walburga and Orion are brutally murdered one night, but that ring holds magic and also a message for Sirius.


4. Lily Evans

The first day of school was rather tiring, it wasn’t so much starting anything at all, it was more about going through the module, Sirius yawned and moved slowly to the common room, he had some classes with James, and the rest of the group, but he wasn’t bothered if they weren’t in all of them together, it gave Sirius a good break from the others, not that they were annoying in any sort of way.
He found Lily sitting on her own, ‘hey there’, he said and Lily looked up from her book, her green eyes illuminated, ‘hey there Siri, how was your first day back?’ He sat down next to her, ‘meh, it was the same, we just went through the module for this year’.

‘Same here, I found it rather boring, as you all know, I’m rather a practical person’.

‘Same, otherwise my body just shuts down’.

Sirius didn’t fall for Lily like James had, he had found Lily more like a sister to him, which was weird, seeing that she was one of the prettiest girls in Hogwarts, and Sirius was known as the playboy in his years in this school, he doubted that he would find love anyway, and he didn’t mind.

‘So, I heard James was going for Head boy’.

‘Yeah, I can’t say whether he’ll get it or not’.

‘Me neither, but I know I’ll get the Head girl, the others aren’t really committed to staying up late at night’.

‘Mind you, I was wondering if James wanted to become Head boy so that he could stay up with you’.

‘Then he most certainly won’t get that position’.

Sirius looked around the Great Hall, he loved it when it was like this, not many students, he rested his elbows on the table, ‘have you seen Snape?’ Sirius asked and Lily glared at him, ‘don’t start on him, how about you make a deal with me, this whole year, you keep your hands and pranks off of him’.

‘Oh come on, what about last year?’

‘I know he called me a Mudblood, but he’s still human, and I don’t want him dying from one of your pranks’.

Sirius rolled his eyes and nodded, but there were no promises. The two sat quietly, just listening in on the students that were in the Great Hall with them. It’s what Sirius really liked, listening to the subtle sounds of people, he didn’t get that when he was home, locked away because he had no choice because of the people he was with. The doors to the Great Hall were shoved open and Regulus appeared, Sirius sighed, he knew that Regulus had seen him with Lily, as he was making his way over to them now, ‘well, well, what do we have here? A Pureblood with a Muggleborn, how disgusting’.

‘Not as disgusting as your face’.

Sirius bit back, Regulus ignored him, his attention was on Lily, who was still looking down at her textbook, ‘aren’t you going to talk, or does being a Muggleborn give you so much grief?’ Lily slammed her book shut, looking up at Regulus with a smile, ‘no it doesn’t, I think you should rethink your words, you should be ashamed of being a Pureblood, your attitude leaves a lot to be desired’.

‘I’m not here to please you, you Mudblood’.

Lily was quicker than Sirius, her hand struck Regulus’s cheek, he stumbled back, Sirius couldn’t help but chuckle, as he saw the red mark show up on his pale cheek.

‘Don’t you dare call me that you tainted unprivileged Pureblood filth!’

Sirius looked away, clearly shocked at the words that had come out of her mouth, ‘I am not a filth, I am Pure!’

‘Not from what I see!’

‘How dare you!?’

The doors opened once again, revealing Remus, Peter, and James, who was in the lead, his eyes landed on Regulus and then Lily, who looked rather distressed, ‘back off Regulus, or we’ll hex you to oblivion, not even your brother Siri will help you’, James sneered at Regulus. All the boys were taller than him, which caused tension, ‘you’d better watch you back Sirius’, Regulus snarled, but Remus stepped up, ‘you won’t touch Sirius, and if you do, you’ve got us to explain to after we throw you out of the tower... Naked’. Sirius burst out laughing, Regulus was speechless, ‘save whatever you’re going to say, we don’t have time for you’, James said. Regulus turned and rushed out of the Great Hall. James looked at Lily, ‘are you alright?’ Lily smiled, ‘I am now, thanks’.

‘I’m sorry, this is my fault, if I hadn’t sat next to you, he wouldn’t have called you such a name’.

Sirius knew most of those problems were because of him, it was difficult, Lily gently touched his arm, ‘Sirius, you’re allowed to sit anywhere, you’re your own person, and I was able to deal with it, I’m pretty impressed with my comeback’.

‘Yeah, that one was new’.

‘I’ve had my fair share of insults, my sister Petunia has so many for me it’s unbelievable, sometimes I wonder if she sits in front of a mirror and rehearses before morning breaks’.

James shook his head, ‘she’s one crazy girl’, Lily shrugged, ‘I think she’s upset because she’s not like me’.



Dinner was rather nice, this was the moment that Sirius loved, limitless amounts of food appear in front of him, ‘slow down Sirius, you’re going to choke’, Remus scolded and Sirius shrugged, ‘someone will take all the food away if I slow down’.

‘Don’t be silly’.

Remus grabbed the potatoes and gravy, ‘death by choking on food more like it’, Sirius heard him mumble, he hid a smile away. 

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