It was time for Sirius to leave his family, they didn't love him, and he certainly wasn't going to waste his time with them, especially when the Potter's are there.
But what happens when two strangers confront Sirius, telling him of their relations to the Black Family, seems like he doesn't know all the secrets of his family.
Sirius also possess his father's ring, after Walburga and Orion are brutally murdered one night, but that ring holds magic and also a message for Sirius.


3. Hogwarts

All three had found a carriage alone, which they had locked the door quickly, still waiting for Peter and looking out the dirty window of the train to see if they could see the tuft of blonde hair in the crowd.

‘Your eye’.

Remus said, his eyes grew dim when he nodded to Sirius, who waved it off, ‘if it makes you feel better, I gave Regulus a bloody nose yesterday’, Remus rolled his eyes, ‘Sirius’, his tone was firm and Sirius shrugged, ‘I was waiting to do for years Remus, give me a little credit’. Remus Lupin was the tallest out of the group, and he was the one that was mature and would pull them out of any situation if possible, another version of Mrs. Potter, ‘so Remus, have you had any luck with jobs?’ James asked and Remus shook his head, ‘no, unfortunately not’.

‘This isn’t fair’.

James had lowered his voice, ‘you being a werewolf should have nothing to do with your employment status, you only need three days off, or even less than that, because the full moon may look full, but it only really lasts for one night’. Remus smirked at him, ‘I see you’ve done some research into this’, James shrugged, ‘well, Sirius here s trying to get into the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures’.  Remus raised an eyebrow at him, ‘didn’t think you were into that stuff’.

‘We have to start somewhere’.

There was a knock on the door, and Jams unlocked it to see Peter, he had grown a little, but he was still rather short, and still hadn’t lost any weight, ‘hey guys, ‘how were the holidays?’ He sat next to Remus.

‘Nothing amazing happened, only that I have to marry Bellatrix’.

The boys froze, their eyes were wide, ‘holy crap Sirius, how crazy are your parents?’

Peter said and Sirius rolled his eyes, ‘too crazy, turns out, father doesn’t even want me to leave, he wants me to stay and wed her’.

James screwed up his nose, ‘that’s disgusting, there’s no way I’m letting you marry your own blood, it’s not right! Not while I’m around’.

‘Really James? What’re you going to do? Steal me away into the night and put me into hiding until mom and dad pronounce me dead and disown me?’

James put on a thinking face, ‘you know, that would be a great plan, thanks for that’. Sirius smiled, ‘no worries’. The door swung open once again, startling the boys, James had forgotten to lock it. Sirius smiled, this person was no threat at all, for the girl standing there, startled, was Lily Evans, James’s love, her red hair flowed down her chest, and reached her waist, her freckles were more pronounced and her eyes. Her eyes were what had entranced James, they were a dazzling green, she was dressed in her Gryffindor cloak, ‘oh... Hi guys, sorry, I didn’t know this was occupied’.

‘Not at all Lily, I think the carriage next to us is free, you can take that one’.

James smiled at her, but Lily laughed, ‘yeah right, and let you listen in to what me and my girls are gossiping about? I wasn’t born in the last shower Potter’.

‘Wanna shower together at Hogwarts then?’

Sirius almost choked on his own saliva and Lily’s cheeks grew red before she slammed the sliding door shut, ‘nice one James’ Remus said with a shake of his head, ‘I overdid it didn’t I?’ James cringed after reviewing his lines, ‘yeah James, you even made me choke, but she did blush’.

‘Maybe I should have classes, care to teach me Siri?’

‘Only if you pay me’.

‘I need to get a job, mind you, is the pub still looking for anyone?’

‘I’ll have to owl them to make sure’.



Hogwarts was filled with students, they bustled through the corridors. The boys moved quickly to avoid being pushed to the side, they reached Gryffindor tower, it wasn’t long before everyone was to go to the Great Hall for the sorting of the first years.

‘I hope we get a few good people’.

Peter said and Remus shrugged, ‘it doesn’t matter I guess, you can only do so much, we’ll just welcome them with open arms’.

‘You sound like my mom, Remus’.

James said as he popped one of the shortbreads into his mouth before being shooed away by another Gryffindor, ‘they’re for the first years!’ She hissed at him before taking the plate away. James rolled his eyes before wiping his hands on his cloak, ‘when are we meant to go down?’ Sirius looked at the clock, ‘five minutes’.

‘I seriously, don’t want to go down there, but we’ll get detention, and I promised mom that I won’t get into trouble’.

‘Well, that’s stupid of you’.

Remus was in lead on the stairs, they avoided most of the Slytherins, who sneered at them, but didn’t dare say anything or do anything as they knew the group well, Sirius was well known for fighting back with pranks, as well as James, and Remus was too tall to even fight, and Peter... Well, there was no point. The Great Hall was buzzing with all the year groups, the first years were at the front. The Marauders quickly grabbed their seats and waited, there were a lot more students than normal, and Sirius was growing tired, as was the rest, as they tried to hide their yawns. Gryffindor had received a few interesting students, and there were a few students that James had already deemed Slytherin, ‘just the way they looked’, he said with a shrug.

The Marauders were happy to escort some of the new Gryffindors’ up to the tower, but not before watching the excitement fill the children’s eyes when the inside of their cloak color changed to a red.
They entered the common room, the fireplace roaring to life in order to greet the children, ‘the rules are up on the board for you to read, I’m sure all of you can read, if you can’t, James here will help you, after all, hopefully, he’ll be the Head boy of Gryffindor, he’s got until tomorrow until the results come out’, Sirius said with a smile which was followed by an applause.
Once the kids had settled down, Sirius joined James on the sofa, ‘I can’t believe you’re running for Head boy, is this because you get to do night shifts with Lily?’ Sirius cocked his eyebrow at him, both had known that Lily Evans had also applied for Head girl of Gryffindor, and everyone knew that she was going to get the position in a blink of a trolls eye.


Sirius punched James in the shoulder, ‘I can’t believe how desperate you are’, he laughed before leaning back into the sofa, ‘this year will go by so fast, and I won’t even know it’. Suddenly there was a knock on the common room door, a frantic knock. Remus was the one to answer, and in came Bellatrix, her eyes were wide with fear, ‘Sirius!’ He jumped out of the sofa, some of the Gryffindors glared at her, a Slytherin in their dorms? ‘What’s wrong?’

‘I heard about father’.

Sirius had quickly pulled Bellatrix out of the common room so that they had more privacy, ‘father told me as well, it’s not because it’s you, it’s because we’re related!’ Sirius said, and Bellatrix nodded, ‘I know Sirius, the same goes for you, I can’t do this!’

‘I’m planning on running away’.

‘What!? But they’ll hunt you down’.

‘I doubt they will, they have Regulus’.

‘That’s not how it goes’.

‘Then what!? What the hell am I supposed to do then?’

‘I’m not saying to give in to it, we need to find a way around it’.

‘Well, we’d best start now, because the moment we graduate, we’ll be married’.

Bellatrix burst out crying and Sirius didn’t hesitate to hug her, Bellatrix was a kind woman, and she certainly didn’t deserve Sirius, they weren’t meant for each other, and Sirius knew that Bellatrix had fallen in love, and she would do anything to be with him, this family was tearing her apart.



Sirius had returned to the common room, his face was pale with exhaustion, ‘geez, what happened there?’ Peter asked and Sirius waved him off, ‘nothing, nothing at all, she’s just stressed’. He moved to the dorms, Remus was lying on his bed, reading a book, he looked up, the sun seeped through, shadowing a part of his face, his eyes were beautiful, and Sirius wondered if anyone had second thoughts about him. Remus had grown into a fine young man, he would get a girlfriend in a blink of an eye, if he took his head out of those damn books.

‘So Siri, do you have your timetable?’

Remus asked as he looked back down at his book, Sirius quickly went to his trunk, and sure enough, his new timetable was there.

‘Boy, I can’t wait for DADA’.

‘Really? I can’t wait for Transfigurations’.

‘I don’t mind that one as well’.

‘So was Bellatrix having a little panic attack about the marriage thing?’

Sirius flopped onto the bed, ‘yeah, she’s gonna go crazy if she keeps on about it’. Remus raised his eyebrows at him, ‘I’m surprised you’re not afraid’.

‘Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m scared, but I have a plan’.

Remus placed a bookmark into his book and set it aside, ‘don’t forget, we’re here for you’.

‘I know Remus, you’ve all been there for me since the first year’.

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