It was time for Sirius to leave his family, they didn't love him, and he certainly wasn't going to waste his time with them, especially when the Potter's are there.
But what happens when two strangers confront Sirius, telling him of their relations to the Black Family, seems like he doesn't know all the secrets of his family.
Sirius also possess his father's ring, after Walburga and Orion are brutally murdered one night, but that ring holds magic and also a message for Sirius.


6. Death of Orion and Walburga Black


Orion held onto the ring, so much that it hurt, Walburga backed away from the window, turning her gaze to her husband, ‘it’s time’, he said, he knew they were going to die, but he was glad that Regulus and Sirius were gone.

‘I’ll send the ring to Sirius’.

‘Sirius? Why Sirius?’

‘Because he’ll understand’.

Orion rushed to his office, the house shook from the numerous amount of spells being thrown at the walls. An orb sat on his desk and Orion touched it once for it to start glowing, a few moments until Albus Dumbledore appeared, ‘Headmaster, they’re here, please pass this ring on to my eldest son!’ Albus nodded, his eyes were filled with sorrow, Albus had known Orion since he had been in Hogwarts, to see him die was a horrible fate. Orion kissed the ring and pressed it to the orb, feeling the metal heat up, he hissed but didn’t pull away, for fear of stopping the transportation. The heat stopped and Orion slowly too his hand away from the orb to see only a red mark on his palm where the ring was before.

‘I have the ring’.

Orion nodded, ‘thank you’.

‘You were a wonderful student, and so was your wife’.

The orb died, leaving Orion in his office, there was an ear-splitting scream, and Orion knew that they had made their way into the house and had already attacked Walburga. He rushed out to see her on her kneed, the tall man was bent over her, his hand a hold of her blonde hair, stopping her from running away, ‘stop screaming, we don’t need any muggles to hear you do we?’ The man sneered down at her, he looked up to see Orion at the door, ‘well, well, what do we have here? Orion Black, how lovely to meet you’.

‘Let go of my wife’.

‘No can do, you’re both coming with us’.

Orion pulled out his wand, ‘I will happily die here in my own house thank you’.

The man snarled at him, ‘very well then!’ He threw Walburga forward, her body hitting the wooden floor with a thump before he pulled out his wand, Orion attempted to use the disarming spell but not before he sent the killing curse towards Walburga who lay still. Orion froze, his wife was dead, he was going to die, the sudden realization had hit him, he wasn’t going to see Sirius and Regulus grow up, a tear slid down his cheek and he threw a few more spells. Suddenly a hand grabbed him from behind, by his hair, pushing him down onto his knees, a wand tip could be felt against his neck.

‘We know of your sons Orion, and you’re lucky they’re under the eye of the Headmaster’.

Orion tried to fight, but he knew there was no point, the room illuminated with the color green and Orion Black, knew no more.



Albus Dumbledore held onto the ring, it was warm, Orion was holding it only a few moment ago, he sent a message down to McGonagall, ‘send Sirius Black to my office’. McGonagall didn’t hesitate, she found Sirius with his usual group, ‘come with me’, her eyes were steely, she didn’t have time for distractions. Sirius followed her with no hesitation.
Albus looked up from his table when Sirius entered, ‘Sirius, we need to talk, it's about your parents’.

‘Yeah? What of them?’

‘I’m sad to say that, you won’t be returning home for some time’.

‘That’s fine... Why?’

‘I’m sad to say that your parents have passed on’.

Sirius froze, his face growing pale, ‘passed on? But they weren’t even old!’ Albus looked away from Sirius, ‘but they didn’t die from natural causes did they?’ Sirius’s voice echoed through the room, ‘unfortunately they didn’t’.

‘They were murdered!?’

‘I’m sorry Sirius’.

Sirius was speechless, he hated his parents, but he had never even thought about their deaths, about how it would affect him, ‘god, does Regulus know?’

‘No, not now, I’m aware that he won’t be able to take the news as well as you do’.

‘I- why- oh my god!’

‘You need to stay calm’.

‘I hated them, Headmaster, I loathed them, but I never wanted them dead’.

‘I know’.

Sirius was escorted out, the group had moved to the bottom of the stairs, waiting for Sirius to return. Their smiles were wiped away when they saw the confusion and sorrow, ‘what’s wrong Siri?’ James asked, ‘my mom and dad are dead’, their eyes grew wide with shock, ‘what!?’

‘Professor Dumbledore told me, he gave me this ring as well. It belonged to my father’.

‘So, was it an accident?’

Sirius shook his head, ‘they were murdered.



Sirius didn’t speak to anyone, he stayed with the group, but they hadn’t said a word to him, knowing that he needed some time to himself. The next few classes in the week were over before they even began. It was when the trip to Hogsmeade came, did the boys confront Sirius, ‘do you want to come to Hogsmeade with us? Otherwise, we could get some stuff for you’. James asked, but Sirius shook his head, ‘I’ll come, I need to clear my head out a little more, Hogsmeade would be great’.
Hogsmeade was always the best place to forget about school, it took all the stress away, it stored many things from pranks to food and movie nights and Festivals. Sirius wrapped the scarf around his neck and followed the rest of the Marauders through the crowd, they had first gone into the pranking shop, it was an old rickety shop and Sirius, although he loved the pranking tools that this shop possessed, he just hated the sight of it, fearing that he would fall through the rotting wood. James didn’t care the least, he was already eyeing off the new content, ‘I think we should take this one, it’s pretty neat, and get this, it’s invisible, we could have it in the hall and no one would know what hit them!’ Sirius smiled, that did sound pretty neat.
The next shop was for Remus, filled with books, Sirius watched in amusement as Remus went through every bookshelf. James looked bored as hell and Peter looked like he had no clue what he wanted out of life.

‘What book are you after?’

Sirius asked and Remus smirked down at him, ‘book? More like books!’ Sirius rolled his eyes and climbed up the ladder to see what Remus was looking at, his eyes scanned over the hardbacks, ‘Magical Creatures’, Sirius said in a low voice, he looked behind him, to make sure they hadn’t caught someone’s attention. Even though they could look like students just collecting these kind of books for school, they did have the secret and they weren’t willing to let it go out into public, Remus survived this long, he wasn’t going out now.
Sirius opened the bag to inspect the various amounts of books Remus had bought, ‘you’ll be so busy reading away we won’t be able to talk to you’, Sirius laughed and Remus shrugged, ‘I promise I won’t read too much’.

The Marauders moved through the street, eyeing every other shop on the side, ‘who’s hungry?’ James asked the café as just up ahead. It wasn’t too big, nor too small, it was just right.
All four of them sat at one of the tables next to the window, ‘hey Siri, you still have that ring?’ Peter asked and Sirius took his glove off, showing the gleaming ring, ‘I knew that dad wore this quite often’.
The ring was encrusted with gold, the Black emblem embedded into the black stone, ‘it’s beautiful’, Peter said, Sirius frowned at him before slipping his glove over his hand, ‘anyway, what’re we going to order?’ Sirius asked. The menus appeared in front of them, ‘some of the things there were a decent price, it seems that the café was aware that their usual customers were students from Hogwarts and wouldn’t really possess a lot of money, so they were happy to lower the prices as it’s no often they come to Hogsmeade. ‘Guys, I have great news as well’, James said with a smile, and everyone looked up from the menus, ‘guess who’s Head boy of Gryffindor?’

‘By God, you got it?’

‘Why’s the tone of surprise?’

‘Nothing, congratulations Prongs!’

Remus laughed, Sirius looked over at Peter, seeing the sorrowful look on the younger boys face, Sirius was the only one who knew that Peter wanted to be Head boy, but he didn’t possess the strength that James had. Sirius had held pity towards the young Marauder, he couldn’t really do anything, not even talk to girls, he was rather shy.

The food and drinks were delicious, ‘I wish I could live here, but we have to go back to Hogwarts!’ James groaned as he leaned back into the chair, ‘watch out, here comes your flower’, Remus nodded his head to the door, James turned to see Lily Evans with her group, ‘well then, maybe try and buy her a drink, try to flirt with her’, Sirius said, but Remus shook his head, ‘don’t do that, you know Lily is quite capable of buying her own drink, just chat her up’. Remus knew Lily more than James did, sometimes Sirius wondered if Remus had a crush on Lily. But late last year it was made known that he had no feelings for her. But Sirius knew that Lily loved James, she was just waiting for him to realize that he’d have to grow up in order to be with her.



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