Just one kiss...

Lily and Ryan have loved each other for the longest time. There's only one problem, she's a Johnson and he's a Green. Why the problem? Their families hate each other. Will they be able over come the barriers of rivalry enforcement and separation on there one way ticket to love?


1. Buttercups and daisies.

The house was calm and peaceful a gentle breeze blew across young Lily's balcony as she gazed across the heavenly meadows. It was almost as if she could see tiny fairies dancing across the meadows which lay before her balcony. Yet, it must have been her imagination they only come at night, don't they? Lily wished so much that she could be out there with all the other children, dancing and playing, completely care-free. Although, this was life and as usual she was stuck in her bedroom practising speeches like she always did for of course, she was the princess and her mother and farther never let her do anything fun. Why couldn't that change!? 

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