Sister Hacked

What happens when Presephone comes home and Artemis fowl has to keep a secret from his Sneaky clever smart sister


1. Meet Athena.

 Hollywood LA,

 I Sat in the far corner of my dorm room. My eyes glued to the computer screen. My long raven black hair fell in my face. "I was about 18, 2 years older then my brother. My name was Athena Fowl. I came home every summer. Most of the time Artemis had disappeared. I met my new baby brothers Myles and Beckett I hadn't seen  Artemis since I was ten.

the reason why.... I had move to Hollywood and wouldn't be back until well today. I got up with my stuff and walked out the building. 

Befor we get to what happened next i should say i don't see things like regular people. I can locate anything's exact location even if it's random. I see a picture not in my head but in the air no one else can see. I Know the dinosaur bones underneath me.  

Anyway i walked out side feeling the cool air kiss my face. The familiar black limousine waited out side. A familiar body stood my the door. "Hi Butler." I said. He nodded his head as i got in the limo door.  Inside were the twins and Juliet. I slid in next to them. The night to be honest kept me awake. See I Normally sleep during the day." Athena?"Juliet yawned." Hm?"  

"When you see Artemis Don't be alarmed"

"Why would i---" 

​"Juliet!" Butler interrupted. He glared at her.

16 hours later.... 

Ireland. Noon

I must have fell asleep because i woke up in a bed i haven't been in years. I felt strange. I blinked. Sat up and Swung my legs over the bed. I was still in my work clothes so i


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