Out of Reach

Two people. Two worlds.
Separated by the forces of fate, Laura and Luke fight to get back home.

Sometimes what we love is just out of reach.


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She couldn’t quite believe her eyes.

This was impossible; she was never going to see him again. And as much as it hurt to think it – she knew that it was the truth.  Their lives had torn them apart - making them nothing more than destiny’s pawns.

But alas, there he stood.

For a moment, she couldn’t breathe. She was convinced that she’d finally lost her mind. This was what she dreamed of every night and now it was real.

It had to be real.

She could feel the wind dancing on her skin and could hear the distant buzz of engines. She could see his lips curl into a smile as the walls that had been closing in for the past four years finally moved away. 

They stood – staring at each other – as the moments slipped by beneath their fingertips.

Her feet started to move before she even knew what was happening. Her thoughts were filled with white noise as her shock began to fade away into the darkness of the night.

Because he was standing right before her.

And she was never going to lose him ever again.

Then, she started to sprint. And in all her years of running, she had never run that fast. Nineteen years of knowledge flooded from her mind leaving only one thought.

Luke. Her Luke.

After four years of hoping and praying to every god that she didn’t believe in – he had finally found her. Circumstances drove them apart but their love bound them back together.

She finally had the chance to see him again. And nothing could stand in her way.

The space between them felt like infinity and yet nothing at all.

Because he was right there.

They were so close but yet worlds away.

She could see his eyes glinting in the moonlight and in that moment, nothing else mattered. Her legs carried her closer as Luke mirrored her actions. For a few moments , the weight on her shoulders seemed to fly away – replaced only by warmth.

There’s so much that she wanted to say. There are so many things that she needs him to know.

She never stopped believing. She never stopped hoping. She never stopped trying.

But all she can muster is a single word – the one word which has kept her fighting for all of these years. The word that gave her hope and fuelled her through the dark days that never seemed to end.


And suddenly, there are arms around her and the void inside of her chest seems to fill. Tears began to make their way down her cheeks as she reached out and lets the warmth flood through her.

“I’m here, Laura. I’m here.”

And he was.




Any moment now, she expected to wake up.

Ever since that night on the rooftop, she expected to wake up from her nightmare and return back home. The night that they had been pulled apart, she felt as if a part of her had died. Everything that she was and everything that she had loved had been torn away in the space of a few seconds.

But she’d kept going.

She kept dreaming.

And maybe one day, she’d find the place where her dreams and reality collide. She’d spent her life chasing stories to fill the silence but with him, the silence was already gone.

He was worth the fighting. He was worth the heartbreak. He was worth waiting for.

Wrapped in his arms, Laura finally let herself break.

Together, they would rebuild but for now, she was allowed to be weak. She was allowed to cry and she was allowed to let herself fall apart.

She’d learnt the hard way that life didn’t give you what you asked for. It gave you what you deserved before stealing it away.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.” He whispered back.

And they would – for the rest of time. Until the world fell to its knees. Until the end of everything.


It was worth it. All of the waiting and suffering and hoping and dreaming was worth it.

And in the end, it always is.


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