I just Loved You

Leah and Jake dated all through 7th and 8th grade and they were really happy but then Leah had to up and move with her dad and two brother's from Mullins, South Carolina to Shallotte, North Carolina. Three years later, theres a strange boy sitting in her seat on the bus that looks strangely familiar...
(Sorry the format is weird. I type this on my phone on the website because my laptop is weird so....)


1. Chapter 1. (if you cant tell I have no clue what i'm doing)

I cant help but think about Parker as i’m getting ready for school. Yea, he reminds me of Jake but... Jake has moved on and he hasnt tried to get in contact with me and he's probably on a  with a skinny, long blonde haired, not feminist girl. The exact opposite of me.... I'm not fat but Im not skinny. Ive got curves true, but I'm more of what they call a circle shapped. Even though women shouldnt be put under body types, I am a victim of it. Bigger boobs, large hips, thick thighs, medium amount of butt, but not enough for anyone to notice. Im bigger. Opposite goes for height. Im smaller, but I cant say that I'm small. I moved to Shallotte, North Carolina three years ago. It was hell at first, but now it isnt as bad... I have tons of friends and even a boyfriend who is one of my best friends so thats good. Parker. The sweetest guy at West Brunswick Highschool. Or at least the sweetest guy I talk to... I quickly throw on black jeans, a grey tank top that shows of a little bit of my chest that I cant really help, a red and purple flannel then my old, grey but used to be brown high top converse and a black choker that's made of plastic. My dad likes my grundgy look. I ruffle my thick, wavy, shorter, black hair. My makeup looks rough. Like I had just woken up. That isnt really a lie but I'm normally pretty good at my subtle makeup. Staying up till 3 in the morning playing ukulele or reading then drinking five cups of black coffee in the morning probably isnt the best for my health but hey. I'm trying. I walk down stairs and then boom. Two blonde kids run up and give me the biggest hug of my life. I chuckle awkwardly as I hug back. “Hey guys...” One was 7 and one was 11. Max and Finn. My dad’s slutty girlfriend’s kids. I wave at their mom, Kira. I walk into the kitchen, quickly pop some waffles in before pouring coffee into my huge thermos. I eat the waffles before walking out the house and to the bus. I always drink my coffee on the bus and sit in the same seat. Its /my/ unassigned assigned seat. The one after the emergency exit on the left side, while you’re getting on the bus. As i wait i pop in my headphones and play my saves on shuffle. The first song that plays, Dammed If I Do Ya (dammed if i dont) by All Time Low, drifts into Kiss Me Kiss Me by 5 seconds of summer as the bus rolls up. 5 seconds of summer, and boy bands in general, is one of my guilty pleasures along with old Justin Beiber music. As i get on the bus, theres a dirty blonde boy sitting in my seat. I’m a little shocked. I’ve seen him before but I cant remember from where. I slowly walk and sit beside him and take sips from my thermos. “Hey..” The boy speaks up from beside me. I pull one ear bud out and rest it on my shoulder. “Hello....” I speak quietly, looking at him. Those hazel eyes of his creep up from the back of my memory. He looks so much like Jake and he sounds like him. Why is his doppelgänger here? Why now?

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