I just Loved You

Leah and Jake dated all through 7th and 8th grade and they were really happy but then Leah had to up and move with her dad and two brother's from Mullins, South Carolina to Shallotte, North Carolina. Three years later, theres a strange boy sitting in her seat on the bus that looks strangely familiar...
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7. 6

Mr. Harem wasnt mad. It was the theater class. No one really knew what we were doing anymore. I quickly pull on an apron and ask Mr. Harem about what I should start painting. "What kind of set are we planning? Dont we need to make a diner?" Our class play was going to be awesome. Because we're all seniors, we're doing a full size play. Around the room people were memorizing, blocking and painting. I was lucky and got to be the set designer. "Well Kourtney is working on the flooring, maybe you could help build the steps?" He says, looking at his sheet of designs i made. "Sure sounds great!" I grab the wood we got specifically for the steps and head to the theater. Andrew handed me the drill as soon as I got in. We started making the steps and by the time class was over the paint was drying. Andrew high fives me as we walk into the classroom. It felt good having time to work on something like this. Mr. Harem dismissed us when the bell rang and as soon as I got out the door, Jake was there. "Hey!" He smiles widely. "Hi Jake.." I smile awkwardly. "How was your first period?" He started walking with me. I guess I had a questionable look on my face because he said, "My sub let us out early..". I chuckle. "It was a great first period. Theater class with Mr. Harem is always good. We're putting on a class play. You should come watch." I smile widely at Parker as he walks over. He didn’t smile back. “Lee.... can we talk...?” I nod. “Sorry Jake, I’ll see you later..?” I say, turning to go with Parker. “No it wont take long..” Parker speaks up. His voice sounded urgent. He pulls me aside. “Leah... I cant do this anymore. Its just not working for me and Im not happy and I know I was fine earlier but.... I just don’t think I can be actually happy. This feels restricting to me...” He sighs. “I’m sorry but... I cant be with you anymore.” He hugged me as I stood there, stunned. Tears sprung in my eyes, but I couldn’t cry here. There were too many people around. I walk back to Jake quickly. “Do you have seminar this period?” I ask, needing to get some air. “Yea I have seminar right now.... Whats wrong?” He frowns. He must’ve noticed the  overwhelming tears in my eyes. I blink them back, taking his hand and pulling him to my car. He followed me willingly. “What did Parker say?” He was getting annoying. I didn’t want to talk about it. When we get out of the school I take a deep breath of fresh air. Being outside never felt so crowded. I walk to my car slowly. “This is your car? Doesn’t your dad have a good job?” Jake asks, opening the side door. When u get in I turn the car on and roll down all the windows. “Yea but this car is nice. Sure she’s old, but she’s nice.” He chuckles at me calling my car ‘she’. “You named your car?” He laughs. I chuckle too. “Yep. Her name is Violet.” I say proudly as I pull my hair into a small ponytail. Jake reaches over the console and wipes my tears away. “You look prettier without tears in your eyes.” He smiles softly. I could feel myself blushing. “Thanks..” I smile softly and make sure the finch sticker on my dash board was still there. Sarah had given it to me for my birthday. I take Violet out of park and drive off to the park. The windows were down, the music was blaring and we were screaming the lyrics to songs from our child hood. All of my problems seemed to drift away in that moment. It feels nice

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