I just Loved You

Leah and Jake dated all through 7th and 8th grade and they were really happy but then Leah had to up and move with her dad and two brother's from Mullins, South Carolina to Shallotte, North Carolina. Three years later, theres a strange boy sitting in her seat on the bus that looks strangely familiar...
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5. 5

“Parker!” i say, running to catch up with him after. “Babe, whats wrong?” I grab a hold of his hand and force him to look at me. “You fucking cheated on me!” He yells, obviously hurt. “What?! No I didnt! There is no way in hell that I would cheat on you Parker!” I pull him close to me. “I did not cheat on you Parker. Jake is just a friend, and nothing more. It will never be anything more.” I sigh as he pushes me away. “I’m tired of you ignoring the fact that I’m also going through shit! I have feelings too!" He starts walking away. I was taken aback by his yelling. "Park..." I whisper, reaching for his hand. He looked so broken. I felt terrible. I didnt respond as he pulled his hand away and walked. God im such a bitch. Jake waves at me as I make my way to the bus. "Hey!..." He looks at me for a second. "Wait whats wrong? You look like you just saw your Mom with some guy." Jake looked concerned. Genuinely concerned. "Parker is mad at me and I feel terrible...” I slide into the seat and I feel him wrap his arms around me in a hug. “I’m sorry about that Lee. Is Parker your boyfriend..?” He leans his head on my shoulder. I nod, letting him sit close to me. Im not going to lie, i missed sitting next to him. We got off at my stop and we walked to my house. Kira was there when we got there. I sigh and walk in. I didnt want to deal with her today. "You whore!" Kira exclaims as Jake and I walk inside. "Why is a guy that isnt Parker here?" She followed Jake and I upstairs when I didnt respond. "Would you just back off?! I'm not cheating on Parker! Just stop messing with me! Just because you're dating my dad does not mean that you get to become my new mother figure!" I slam the door behind us as Jake pulls me into my room. I didnt realize I started crying until Jake wrapped his arms around me comfortingly. After I calmed down he started asking questions. "Is that your dad’s girlfriend?” I nod. I didn’t want to talk. Im not used to someone asking questions after I’ve cried in front of them. Parker never asked questions. Maybe its because he just understands everything thats been going on in my life. “Does she always talk to you like that...?” I hear Jake ask, but I don’t respond with the answer he wants. “You should go.” I get off his lap from where he was holding me. He looked confused. “I thought we were going to catch up...” He says, standing up and getting his stuff. “Yea well I’d rather do that over coffee or tea, but just not right now..” I start to lead him outside. “Okay well, call me when you want to sched-“ I cut him off by slamming the front door in his face. “That isn’t the way to treat a guest Leah.” She scolds me. “He isn’t a guest. I don’t want to talk to him. He doesn’t understand.” I say, not looking up at her. She grabs my chin and yanks my head up to meet hers. “You look at someone while they’re talking to you. Did your mother teach you manners? I bet she didn’t, she was too busy being slut.” She glared at me. I pulled her hand away from my face. “What do you know about my mother?! You never met her!” Kira slapped me in the face, so hard blood was drawn. I stared at her before walking off too my room. Its getting to be too much. I didn’t hear my dad walk into my room a few hours later. I was tucked under my grey comforter, head resting on the light purple and black pillow under it. My back was turned against the door. The lights were turned off and it was almost pitch black. “Hey Bug... um Kira told me that you hit her earlier.....” My dad says, putting a hand on my back after turning on my small fairy lights that are all over my room. “Shes the one that hit me. After I was yelling at her about mom...” I turned over to face him. The blood had dried on my face. “Did she do this...?” He touched my cheek gently. I nod. “Whats for dinner?” I changed the subject. I don’t t want to talk about her. Mom or Kira. “We already had dinner... I can bring you some pizza up though...?” I smiled. “Thanks..” I look at my phone. I had 3 missed calls. One from Sarah and two from Lizzy. Oops. I pull my laptop out and start messaging Lizzy about what happened when Finn walked in. “Why’d you miss dinner? Were you not hungry..?” He sat down beside me and hugged me. I sigh and turn to give him a real hug. “No I was asleep... I guess I didnt hear you guys call me down. Ive had a.... rough day....” Dad walked in and smiled. “Finn, let Leah eat her pizza in peace.” He handed me my food. “No its fine, I was just about to watch a movie. Wanna watch too?” Finn and I never really bonded. It’s probably because of our age gap but hes still a sweetheart. My dad walked out and I logged onto Netflix on my laptop and let Finn pick a movie. Right before it was about to start, Max walked in and snuggled up right on my lap. Max and Finn both fell asleep during the movie, so when it was over I woke up Finn and carried Max to bed. God he’s light. Is he eating enough? I set him in his bed before kissing the boys on the head gently before turning their lights off and walking to my room. Kira was standing in the door way. “Those arent your kids. You probably have your own. You’re pregnant arent you, slut.” Kira growls. “No I’m not. There’s a thing called condoms, but you probably dont know what those are.” I close the door before she could walk in. I sighed and changed into my pjs. I shut my laptop dow and put it away before climbing into my bed and drifting off to sleep. The next morning I get up early and get dressed in black skinny jeans, an All Time Low band tshirt, a light blue flannel and a grey beanie. I lace up my combat boots before grabbing my backpack and filling up my thermos and walking downstairs. I grab my car keys and climb into my dirty old Toyota. I wanted to head to Walmart and get something for Parker and maybe a slushy before school. I drove to the small Neighborhood Market by the school. I got out and got Parker a few boxes of Mike and Ikes, some pizza lunchables and some of the sugar cookies they had at class parties in elementary school. They were his favorite. I grab a big gift bag and a half cherry/half blue raspberry Icee before paying. I quickly drive to school. I spot Parker before walking over with the gift bag. I kiss him lovingly before pulling away and hanging him the bag. “I’m sorry about yesterday Parker. I haven’t payed enough attention to you and I’ve been a terrible girlfriend but I want to make it up to you.” i smiles softly as he looks in the bag and chuckles. “You got me the cookies..” He leans over and kisses me again. It was good to have Parker back. Really, really good. I hug him and he wraps an arm around me as we walk to class. I didnt want to leave him and we might have ended up being late to class because we were making out in the hall. Might have. Im not conforming it.

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