I just Loved You

Leah and Jake dated all through 7th and 8th grade and they were really happy but then Leah had to up and move with her dad and two brother's from Mullins, South Carolina to Shallotte, North Carolina. Three years later, theres a strange boy sitting in her seat on the bus that looks strangely familiar...
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4. 4

The next day, I woke up and felt like crap. I got out of bed, my hair a mess. I heard knocking at my door. I walk over and open it. There stood Max. “Hey.. Whats up?” I let him in and sit on my bed. “Who was that boy that was here last night?” He sits beside me. I hated Kira, but her boys were just the sweetest things. He hugs my side. “I’m sorry that Momma treated you like that....” He says quietly. “Its not your fault Max....  And that boy was Parker, my boyfriend.” I hug him back, rubbing his arm as we hug. “Why was he here? Why did you run to your room?” He was a really quiet kid, but damn why was he so curious about Parker? “Your mom really upset me and so I told Parker because our relationship is built on trust. Extreme trust. So he just wanted to make sure I was okay. Is that why you’re here? To make sure I’m okay?” I need to get ready for school... Max can you just leave.. “Yea... I didn’t want you to be upset and hurt.” He gets up and walks out of the room. I chuckle and get ready, pulling on a black skater skirt, rainbow tie dye tshirt with the sleeves cuffed, a light pink headband in my hair and black platform sneakers. My style was weird. Not entirely grungy, not entirely pastel goth. A mix of both. I grab my backpack and walk downstairs to make breakfast. I fill my thermos up and make a Nutella sandwich on toast before walking out, making sure to avoid Kira. I walk out the door and there was a small package. I pick it up and set it inside before walking to the bus. Slow sips save coffee. I get on the bus and there’s that goofy blonde kid in my seat again. I sit down beside him, like the day before him. “You look good. Your look fits you. The old, try to be like every rich girl thing didn’t.” He says, smiling. I roll my eyes. “I didn’t try to be like every rich girl. They tried to be like me.” I retort, keeping a straight face. He looks at me for a second then starts laughing. We laugh together. He smiles at me as the bus starts rolling away from the stop after mine. I bump his shoulder and put my earbuds in. He grabs my earbuds and puts it in his. Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu by The Maine started playing. We share music on the bus ride. We got off and he moved away from me when Parker walked over. Parker wrapped his arm around me protectively. I kiss his cheek. “Are you okay after last night? We didnt really talk...” he says, worry in his eyes. “Yes I’m fine. She didnt hit me..” I whisper as we walk away. “Seriously who is that guy? He keeps looking at your butt.” Park growls. I pull at my skirt awkwardly. “Thats just an old friend. His name’s Jake. Plus he probably wasnt looking at my ass...” i sigh and lean into his arms as he takes me to class. He kissed me deeply, almost starting a hallway make out session but my teacher cleared her throat, making Park look up at her. He pouts and kisses my cheek. “I’ll see you later babe...” he whispers before walking off. I walk into the class shyly. And there was Jake. I sit beside him and set my stuff down. He smiles and makes a few jokes through class which only make me laugh. "Excuse me, Mr. Rush i know it's your first day but do you have something to say?" Ms. Hill says from the front of the room. "No Ma'am." He says, looking down. "I expected more from you Harper. First the make out in the hallway, now distracting Jake?" She looked disapointed in me. I wanted to curl up into a ball and die. Jake raised an eyebrow at me. After class Jake wanted to talk. "So you didnt save your first kiss for me?" He asks. We were headed down the same hall. "Did you?" I retort, hiding the smile that was creeping up on my face. "I did." He blushed. "Wait really?" My small smirk fell. “Yea. Really.” He was blushing, badly. I chuckle slightly. “Well that’s sweet of you. I had like given up on us not getting back together once I couldn’t reach you...” I could feel his hand drifting to mine. “I’m sorry I didn’t call.. I was scared and dumb and I missed you but then Bailey came along but then she used me and then I just got sad and I forgot..” He says and pulled his hand away quickly when he said Bailey. “This is my class...” I say, standing in front of a door. He wrapped his arms around me. “I’ll see you on the bus or sooner.” He hugged me before looking for his next class. I walk inside and there was a pissed off Park waiting for me. “Hey babe.” I say, sitting beside him at the raised up table. “Whats wrong?” I frown at him. He crosses his arms. “I was gonna walk you to class. Who was that kid? Did you guys hold hands?” He looked angry but it wasn’t just that... he looked hurt. “That’s Jake. We dated when I lived in Mullins. Its just a coincidence that he moved here. I was just being friendly.” I say quietly before sinking into the stool. Class started right after that and Park was mad at me the whole time.

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