I just Loved You

Leah and Jake dated all through 7th and 8th grade and they were really happy but then Leah had to up and move with her dad and two brother's from Mullins, South Carolina to Shallotte, North Carolina. Three years later, theres a strange boy sitting in her seat on the bus that looks strangely familiar...
(Sorry the format is weird. I type this on my phone on the website because my laptop is weird so....)



I turned on my music and the rest of the bus ride passed pretty quickly. When it was Jake’s stop, he leaned into my seat, squeezed my hand then pecked me on the cheek before getting off. He used to do that before I moved and it brought back good memories. I sighed to myself quietly and he waved at me as the bus rolled past him. I chuckle softly and wait for my stop. I hurry off and walk home, a little slower than normal when in reality I couldnt wait to skype Lizzy about it. She was my best internet friend and was almost closer to me than Parker. And it was hard to beat Parker in that. He knew everything about me. I run up to my room and because it was nice i went outside and onto the balcony. I had a standing hammock out there. I took a deep breath and just from where I was standing I just barely see Parker out in his backyard, helping his mom. I set myself in the hammock before getting up and getting a snack. Lucky for me there was a pack of mozzarella sticks in the freezer that would cook in 10 short minutes. My dad wasnt home but Kira was. “Someone was eager to get to her room.” She says, working at the kitchen table. “Yeah... my backpack was heavy.” I lied. Only Dad knew about Lizzy and Kira would think that I was best friends with a 30 year old creep. Lizzy and I always video chatted so I knew for a certain it was her. She told me everything. I told her everything. Well almost everything. She didnt know that my dads girlfriend wanted to stab me in my sleep. “Oh.... You’ve got a lot of books in your bag? Or a lot of cigarettes?” She asked. She thought I was a smoker. And a druggie. Or anything that she could try to get evidence towards to show my dad so he would kick me out. She hated me simply because my dad cared for me more than he did her. “Books. I love reading and I have really hard classes.” I take my mozzarella sticks out of the over and plate them with some marina sauce and walk upstairs. I took my food and laptop onto the balcony and called Lizzy. I told her all about today and all about Jake. She told me about her boy troubles. She recently walked in on her brother making out with her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s hands in her brothers pants. She was a mess and felt like she couldn’t trust her brother or her boyfriend anymore. She said that happened yesterday. “Liz..... Maybe you just need to talk to Chase about it...” Chase was her boyfriend, “Or you brother. You guys knew he was gay right?” I played with my mozzarella stick. “Bi.” Liz corrects. “Hes bi and no... Chase.... I cant believe that /fucker/ made out with my brother! Am I not enough for him? I know Chase is pan and I love that about him but I didnt think he would do this.... hes not the cheating type. He’s the loving, goofy type. Not the cheating asshole type!” Her pink and blue hair went everywhere when she quickly pulled her head down. “Liz.... He’s not good for you. How long have I been telling you this?” She lifted her head up and her grey eyes filled with tears. She looked pitiful. If she didnt live across the nation, i wouldve hugged her so tight she might not have been able to breath. “Since I first met you....” she rubbed at her nose, playing with her nose ring after. “Its super itchy...” She whines. “Well you just got it, don’t play with it too much or it’ll get infected.” The voice wasn’t either of ours. It was her brothers. She sighed. “Mikey.. what do you want.” She asks. “I’m sorry Liz..... He came onto me and he was being really forceful. I didn’t want to.” He sits on her bed and hugs her. They looked almost identical except for the hair. His was pitch black and oh my god was he good looking. Too bad he lived across the Nation and was my best friends brother. I just sat there, watching Mike’s apology. Lizzy forgave him. “You should dump him... He told me the only reason he was dating you was to get closer to me....” Mikey says, wrapping his arms around her. “Hey, sorry to interrupt but Ive got to go. It was nice seeing you Mike.... I’ll text you later. Bye!” I hung up after Lizzy said bye. I turned my laptop off right as dad was pulling into the drive way with Kira’s kids. I went inside my room before starting my homework. “Are you sure you need that much?” Kira says right after I fill my plate up with spaghetti. I mumble something explicit under my breath. Dad cast a glare at me when I stand up and walk away from the table. “Kira I’m done with this shit. I don’t need you harassing me anymore. Im not smoking, having sex, getting drunk or doing drugs so you just have to call me out on eating! For gods sake its eating! I’m not fat either so could you just stop?!” I yell at her. “Stop yelling at me! So maybe you actually are fat!” She yells back. That hurt like a bitch. I storm up the stairs, tears filling in my eyes. I slam the door shut and i cant say I didn’t cry. About an hour later I heard yelling downstairs then a few minutes from that someone was knocking at my door. I was curled up inside my small closet that I hid a beanbag chair in. “Who is it?” I call, wiping at my face. “Leah? Its dad... Parker is downstairs, he said you knew he was coming over.” He says, opening up the door part of the way. “Oh yea..... Can you just send him up?” I ask, peeling myself out of the closet. Parker came up and I let him in quickly. We didnt say much because I had already texted him what had happened. He just held me in his arms, not saying a thing.

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