Why You?

A Valentine’s Day writing competition
Option one ~ Write about getting over someone/past love.

“He cheated on you”
Isabelle just knew her Boyfriend cheated on her. They both broke up, but Isabelle just can’t get him of her mind! She just can’t get over the love of her life. What will she do? What will happen?

[© 2018 All rights Reserved To Book Maker And Cover To Zireee]


3. Stop

The day after

I was ready for school. I used my spare time using my phone. I saw a few text during the night I slept. It was from Dylan and Leo. This is what it said.

Dylan: Hey baby, I got something to tell you

Dylan, just stop! I KNOW you’re cheating on me… And I hate you! Do I really hate him though. But any way, I replied.

Me: What is it? LEAVE ME ALONE! Just stop.

There, I’m done with Dylan. Next Leo.

Leo: Hello Isabelle! I just wanna say Dylan doesn’t know that I told you yet. 

Leo: Please, please don’t tell him that I told you. I didn't want to known as a snitches.

Me: I swear on my life, I won’t! 

I thought about my best friend Lily. She haven’t return any of my call yet so why not give her a text?? 

Me: Lily? You okay??

After a minutes she texted back! Wow, Lily!

Lily: Isabelle! Hello I need to tell you something!!

Me: Lily, What is it???……

Lily: Dylan! Dylan cheated on you!!

I was about to cry again. Please stop with this.

Me: Stop

Me: I know already

Lily: Noooo! You don’t understand!!

Lily: I know Leo told you this!!

Me: How did yo-

I was about to type it until my mom came down the stair. “Isabelle?” My mom asked. I tried to hide my phone in my book bag as fast as I can go. She doesn’t allow my phone at school. “Time to go” She said smiling.

”Yes mom” I said smiling back. 

We than left the house, and off to school. To see my best friend, Lily. A guy that had a crush on me, Leo. And of course.. my soon to become Ex, Dylan. 

But what was he going to tell me though?

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