Why You?

A Valentine’s Day writing competition
Option one ~ Write about getting over someone/past love.

“He cheated on you”
Isabelle just knew her Boyfriend cheated on her. They both broke up, but Isabelle just can’t get him of her mind! She just can’t get over the love of her life. What will she do? What will happen?

[© 2018 All rights Reserved To Book Maker And Cover To Zireee]


5. Me too

School was over. Lily didn’t need to confess. why so? They’re already dated...

I see Lily and Dylan walking down the stair to the busses. I tried to hide, I hide behind a bushes praying for them not to know where I am. 

THAN! AT THE WORST TIME EVER!! LEO!! THE NERD! Look down at me and laugh. “Hey Isabella!” He greeted. “Shhhh!!” shushed him. He seems not to know about my sign so he kept on talking non stopping. “Hey Isabella! Didn’t see you there!” Lily yelled from behind. Omg Leo! I hate you.... well, not literally.



”Uhh..” I have nothing to say. “Nice day.. right?” That was the first thing I’ve thought. Lily was holding Dylan’s arm, just like the first time Dylan and I was official. Dylan looked up at me with a smirk, he than kissed Lily on the lip passionate. I stare, stare of sadness, madness, and... heartbreak. I wanna get on top of those two and slapped them in the face! Give them a pice of my mind!! 

Why am I feeling this? But what am I going to say and do? Lily and Dylan are dating. I can’t do anything. I look at Leo, he was just... just blank! He doesn’t seen to have any expressionist all. “You okay?” Leo asked. “Mhmm”

“Any news, Isabella?” Lily asked.

”Ye.. Yeah! I do!” I reply confidently. I looked at Leo, “Ready?” I whisper. “Ready? For what??” He asked. “Just see” I lip sync.

”What was that?” Dylan asked. I gave him mean glare.

Follow me guys” I told them “You too Leo” I pointed.

I walked to the highest rock in the front. “EVERYONE, MAY I HAVE ALL YOUR ATTENTION!” I yelled and almost everyone got their phone. “I BROKE UP WITH DYLAN” Everyone gasp. “IM IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH...” I look at Leo. “LEO!” I said. It was my last words. Everyone cheer, I faked my smile.    

Dylan pull me down. “What was that for?” He whispers. I push him away. “I- I love you too Isabella” Leo told me. I smile, Leo pull me closer and kissed me. I accept it and kiss him back.   

The crowd was cheering so loud! It kinda hurt my ears too. I didn’t actually didn’t like Leo, I was trying to make Dylan jealous. Although, he won’t... He had Lily. “Wonderful new Isabella!” Lily cheered.

“I love you” Leo said 

“Me too”

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