Why You?

A Valentine’s Day writing competition
Option one ~ Write about getting over someone/past love.

“He cheated on you”
Isabelle just knew her Boyfriend cheated on her. They both broke up, but Isabelle just can’t get him of her mind! She just can’t get over the love of her life. What will she do? What will happen?

[© 2018 All rights Reserved To Book Maker And Cover To Zireee]


2. I Love You

“I’m sorry, but what’s your name sir?” I asked him kindly. There was this silence awkward moment which I hated the most in life. 

“My name is -“

Suddenly my phone started to ring when he was about to tell me his name. My phone was in the kitchen charging. “Uhh, do you mind waiting for a bit?” I said pinching myself as hard as I could. What can I say, it’s what I do when I’m embarrass! He just nodded with an awkward smile. “Where’s... Uhh the bathroom?” He asked. “Down the hall and the 3rd door to the left” I said as pointed. “Thanks!” He smile.

I watched him as he go inside. At that moment, I just remembered about my phone and ran to get it. 

I look at my miss call list, and it was from my bestfriend Lily. I called her a couple time but she didn’t pick up for 3 Times! What’s wrong with her. The nerd got out of the bathroom.

“I got to get going” He told me wiping his hand on his pant.

”Oh, yeah. So what’s your name?” I asked, I don’t want to just call her a nerd or something. That’s rude and disrespectful.

”It’s Leo” He reply. “And.. um”

”Yea?” I asked

”Isabelle I’ve been keeping this away from you” 

“Well, What is it Leo?”

”I... I love you” He mutter under his breath. 

I think he doesn’t want me to hear it, but I did. I didn’t want things to go awkward around us so I got to lie to him.  

”What was that?” I lied as I lean closer.

”It’s nothing... really it’s nothing” He Said “Bye Isabelle”

”Bye Leo”

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