Why You?

A Valentine’s Day writing competition
Option one ~ Write about getting over someone/past love.

“He cheated on you”
Isabelle just knew her Boyfriend cheated on her. They both broke up, but Isabelle just can’t get him of her mind! She just can’t get over the love of her life. What will she do? What will happen?

[© 2018 All rights Reserved To Book Maker And Cover To Zireee]


6. I Hate Lying

Wow! I’m not gonna lie but Leo is actually a nice boyfriend… 

Kinda weird to say that though. Since I’m still in love with Dylan. But it’s okay, he had Lily. 

I can tell Leo really loves me. He is better than Dylan by 10% 

I'm just sad that I don’t love Leo. Any girl that had him, are lucky. I guess I’m not.


It have been a week since I said that. I think I lose some of my fan. My reputation is dropping down because if Leo. It’s okay though.

“I’m sorry” Leo said. “For making you reputation drop down”

I think he heard me.

“It’s okay” I Smile. “I love you anyway”




I hate lying…


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