Invisble. -unplugged-

-based on the original song by 5SOS-

“who’s that girl? i don’t believe i’ve seen her before?” calum asked michael, michael reluctantly turned around and looked around in the crowded hallway, “who? it’s so crowded in here cal i don’t know how you can see one girl” he stated turning back to his friend calum.

“right, i’m sure i’ll see her again..” he said turning to his locker and shutting it firmly. “i have music classes next buddy, i’ll see you later mate.” calum said turning making his shoes squeak, and making his way to the music classroom.

“i’ll see her again” he whispered to himself holding his books to his chest tightly.


1. Prologue

dakota wasn’t normal, how can she be? she had no father, her mother disliked her. she wasn’t a girl you would see proding around in chanel and tom ford t-shirts. she loved playing piano, she took music lessons, even if she didn’t need them.

she catches the eye of a well known football player at her high school, calum hood, seen walking down the hall disappearing into the music room, exactly where he disappears to when he isn’t kicking a checkered ball around on the field behind the school.

he was talented but in a different instrument than she was, he play bass, or any guitar he could get. classical music meets the well known words michael uses about himself.. “punk rock”.

dakota andrews isn’t as well known as calum is, she doesn’t speak, she sits in the back of every class, people act like she doesn’t exist, she is invisible.

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