Invisble. -unplugged-

-based on the original song by 5SOS-

“who’s that girl? i don’t believe i’ve seen her before?” calum asked michael, michael reluctantly turned around and looked around in the crowded hallway, “who? it’s so crowded in here cal i don’t know how you can see one girl” he stated turning back to his friend calum.

“right, i’m sure i’ll see her again..” he said turning to his locker and shutting it firmly. “i have music classes next buddy, i’ll see you later mate.” calum said turning making his shoes squeak, and making his way to the music classroom.

“i’ll see her again” he whispered to himself holding his books to his chest tightly.


2. Chapter One

dakota’s POV

i walked down the hall keeping my hand against the wall to guide me. i made sure not to bump into anyone but they all moved out of the way anyways. i carefully placed my hand on the room sign and brushed my fingers against nodding to myself.

i looked around for the door knob and opened it. the familiar scent of old wood, carpet, and the vanilla candle filled my nose. i smiled slightly and made my way to the piano stepping carefully so i don’t trip on the carpet.

i brushed my hands against the keys and sat down. “it’s gonna sound good this time..” i whispered to my self i tapped my foot feeling the beat and started ‘river flows in me’ filling the room with sound, i could see the the room as i opened my eyes, i couldn’t see its colors, but i could see its shapes.

i closed my eyes and continued the ballad smiling to myself. i slammed down on the keys forcefully as loud clapping ruined the sound waves. “no no no.” i whispered my voice squeaking. the image of the music room quickly fading along with the sound of the piano.

“i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to bother you i just, your playing, it’s beautiful.” i turned around to where i heard the voice and i heard a quiet whisper. “your her.” he said to himself. i stayed quiet. not knowing if i was looking directly at him or not. i furrowed my eyebrows. “oh i mean i saw you in the hall, i’m calum.” he said i could tell he was quite proud with himself.

“calum? i know you already.” i said turning around and carefully closing the piano. “oh you.. you do?” he asked i could hear him move closer. “of course, football captain.” i said quietly, i felt an arm on my shoulder and a happy laughter, gosh i wish i could see his face.

“happy to hear, what’s your name?” he asked removing his hand from my shoulder. “it’s.. dakota.” i said hesitantly, there was a moment of silence, i frowned, he probably knows all about me, and my.. problem. “that’s a beautiful name, i’ve never seen you here before, are you new?” he asked, i sighed, he didn’t know.

“i’ve lived here my whole life.” i said angrily, am i really that unnoticeable? he scratched the back of his neck nervously and smiled. he had such a unique smile, no dakota he didn’t even know you existed till just today.

“sorry, i’ve just never met anyone like you before, can i get your number?” he stated, my face heated up, i probably looked like a ripe tomato right now. “umm, let me just get your number?” i said, i didn’t have ashton here with me to help. i handed him my phone an he wrote on a piece of paper, he obviously took my number and also added his into my phone.

i smiled and picked up my things standing up. “it was very nice meeting you calum.” i said and walked away smiling, trying not to trip in the process. “dakota!” i heard ashton yell as i opened the music room door. “ashton?” i said reaching out toward him.

he took my arm and lead me outside to his car opening the door for me and helping me inside. “thank you ashton.” i said as i heard him get in his car as well. “your very welcome, who was that in the music room today?” he asked starting the engine and pulling out of the school parking lot.

i smiled happily and touched the cold window wishing i could see the trees ashton always told me about. “his name is calum, he asked for my number.” i said while i felt my smile getting bigger by the second just talking about him.

“dakota.. does he know?” my smile disappeared at his words. “he will later..” i stated angrily closing my eyes.

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