Invisble. -unplugged-

-based on the original song by 5SOS-

“who’s that girl? i don’t believe i’ve seen her before?” calum asked michael, michael reluctantly turned around and looked around in the crowded hallway, “who? it’s so crowded in here cal i don’t know how you can see one girl” he stated turning back to his friend calum.

“right, i’m sure i’ll see her again..” he said turning to his locker and shutting it firmly. “i have music classes next buddy, i’ll see you later mate.” calum said turning making his shoes squeak, and making his way to the music classroom.

“i’ll see her again” he whispered to himself holding his books to his chest tightly.


3. Chapter 2

dakota’s POV

i dramatically sighed throwing my backpack somewhere into the house. “SCORE!” ashton yelled making my ears ring slightly. “what?” i said rubbing the corner of my eye. “you made your backpack into the rubbish bin!” he said excitedly.

i shook my head in disbelief and slowly felt around the ground for my backpack. i heard a quick clicking sound. “for the memories.” ashton said, “for when you know.. after the surgery.” he said helping my up onto my feet.

“yeah. sure.” i stated sadly, “is mom here?” i asked holding onto his bicep. “no.. she will be okay” he said sighing and leading me to the love seat in the living room.

i sat down and he handed me the remote. “i’ll order pizza, did you want ice cream?” he asked me probably hovering over me. “cookies and cream please.” i said smiling i reaches up and grabbed his arm pulling him into a hug, “thank you” i said trying not to cry.

“anytime dakota, it’s my plea-“ he was interrupted by my phone ringing wildly. “i pulled my phone out and shoved it toward ashton. “who is it?” i asked nervously, i don’t usually get phone calls. “it’s calum.” he said answering the phone and putting it to my ear.

“hey, is this dakota.” the voice said from over the phone, my breath hitches and there was a lump in my throat.

“h-hey, yes this is dakota.” i said my words quiet. i felt around the house making my way to my bedroom, i stubbed my toe on a stair. i whispered small curse words and i heard laughing from the phone.

“what happened?” he said, as he kept laughing at me. i instantly got self conscious.

“i just stubbed my toe.” i said completely serious as i got into my room sitting down on the floor.

“well watch where your going!” he said laughing for a few seconds.

i went silent and a warm drop of water fell on my cheek, i looked up and realized i was crying. please stop dakota, you big baby.

“dakota? you there?” i sniffles at his words and made myself stop crying.

“c-calum i need to tell you something..” i said my voice shaky and quiet once again.

“are you okay? what’s wrong?” he asked sounding really truly sincere.

“i’m.. i. im blind calum.” and from then on it was silence. tears escaped my eyes and small whimpers left my eyes as i heard the call end. he hung up on me. he didn’t like me, but i couldn’t blame him, who would like a blind girl.

i silently cried crawling into my bed and covering up. my cries slowly got louder and i covered my mouth so ashton couldn’t hear me. i stopped and laid down looking at what i hopes was the ceiling getting lost in my thoughts, i hated this, i hated all of it. being blind sucks, especially since i can’t get surgery to fix my eyes for another year.

i closed my eyes and i could feel myself falling asleep, why me, why am i like this? i thought before i fell into a deep sleep.


i walked into the school as i heard the phone call replay in my ears over and over again. how could someone be so cruel as to just hang up? i asked my self over and over again. i heard a loud bang and when i opened my eyes i saw the road. my dad driving and my mom and ashton laughing at one of my dads jokes.

i smiled and looked at my mom, she was so happy. i looked out the window, trees, beautiful trees. and the lake beside the road we were driving on was so.. beautiful. until i looked up and all eyes were on me, my dad spoke “why dakota?” i felt so confused as a huge truck ran into the car tipping it over. soon after i heard sirens and voices. “three alive!” someone yelled and pulled me away, everything hurt. “i felt a bright light on my eyes and i cried out in pain. “hey get her a stretcher there is glass shards in her eyes!” someone else yelled. “your going to be okay sweetheart just stay with me okay?” i couldn’t talk. three alive? but there was 4 of us.


that’s that for you ;-; i’m sad now but i hope your okay with this chapter, it kinda explains her.. issue.

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