Black Night Pack

“Okay so your going to walk in, do a twirl and smile. The men will bid and the highest bidder will become your master. Got it?” She looks into my eyes. A sudden sadness flashes past but is gone in an instant.
“Yes but who are the men?” I say with my hand on the doorknob.
“The leader of the pack” she then walks off. Oh my god! I’m being sold to fucking werewolves. We’d learnt about them in history but they aren’t supposed to be real! What have I got myself into?!

#werewolf #soulmate #romance #leader #pack #life #love #auction #dangerous #supernatural #vampire #witch #wizard


5. six

We all sit slouched all over the sofa until slowly people slip out to do their own thing. Me, Winston, Taya and Jay are the last one in there. “What was the front like?” Jay says taking a swig of beer.

“Horrific” Winston doesn’t take his eyes of the television.

“I’m sorry Win” Taya says with sadness in her eyes.

Winston shakes his head and smiles, “Have we given our newbie a proper tour yet?”

”I don’t believe they have” I laugh.

“Well let me be the first” he smiles taking my arm in his. Taya and Jay go for a run as now it was a lot darker. He takes me to the very top of the building.

“So where are we?” I laugh.

“At the very top floor” he says looking out of the window. It was shattered and the night wind was whipping through the hall.

“Oh my gosh!” I exclaim looking over. Winston stands on the edge and gives me a hand. He holds my stare and again they thrash electric blue. A few minutes after he jumps down but I slip. Thankfully he catches me and smiles.

“Always a hero” I smirk getting out of his grasp. “Always clumsy” he smirks back. I roll my eyes and go into another room. It has portraits all over the wall.

“Every Alpha for the last 1000 years has had his portrait done” he says staring at his fathers.

“Well that’s sexist. Why isn’t there girl alphas”I snap.

“Because that’s not the way. The alpha has a soul mate and they rule together but the man controls wolf form and the women controls the human form”

“Where are the women portraits then?”

“I guess there aren’t any... but there are pack photos!” He rubs the back of his neck with one hand.

“Still sexist” I comment walking away.

“Still clumsy” He snaps back as I trip over my shoe lace. I think I hit a saw spot on him.

“Still an ass” I spat getting back up. He tenses his jaw and makes a fist.

“Still the alphas son” he crosses his arms over his muscular chest as if acting superior.

“Still human” I snap rolling my eyes.

“Still fucking disrespectful!” He shouts.

“Still don’t give a shit!” I shout back as he slams me against the wall. His hands are by my head and his eyes go a stormy grey colour.

“I’m the future alpha and you were brought for me! So shut up” he growls.

“As if” I say with attitude. I go to walk away but he won’t let me past.

“Let me go” I snap.


“Winston!” I shout pushing him hard in the chest.

“Wrong. Fucking. Move.” He pounces at me, his claws and fangs are out. I scream as he sinks his jaws around my neck and his claws into my arms. Blood goes everywhere and I scream out in pain. I see my life flash against my eyes but I’m brought back when Jay, James and Alaric come running in.

“Get off of her Winston!” Jay roads throwing Winston off of me. I instantly fall to the floor and James is holding a towel to my neck while Alaric tends to my arm. Winston stares blankly at me as if he had no memory of what just happened. Jay throws Winston out of the room while Alaric pick me up and rushed my room and then the world goes black.

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