Black Night Pack

“Okay so your going to walk in, do a twirl and smile. The men will bid and the highest bidder will become your master. Got it?” She looks into my eyes. A sudden sadness flashes past but is gone in an instant.
“Yes but who are the men?” I say with my hand on the doorknob.
“The leader of the pack” she then walks off. Oh my god! I’m being sold to fucking werewolves. We’d learnt about them in history but they aren’t supposed to be real! What have I got myself into?!

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6. seven

I wake up paralysed. My head throbs and my whole body aches. I look up to see Taya lying at the end of the bed tear stained and James asleep on the arm chair in my room.

“Taya?” I mumble. I haven’t got any strength and my throat is so saw.

“Huh..what?....Brooke!” She exclaims tiredly waking up James in the process.

“Brooke!” He says running over.

“Hey” I smile at how worried they are. They sit and chat with me a while and then Jamie changes my bandages and gives me pain killers. Turns out I’ve slept for a whole 24 hours.

Taya leaves to tell Jay and Alaric I’m okay but as Jamie leaves I ask, “Where’s Winston?”

“He Still here but he’s in his own medical problem” a sad look passed over his face.

“What happened?”

“War. War happened.” And with that he leaves.

I’m left to my own devise for ages until someone shows their face. For a while I just sleep but I become restless.

“Hello?” I call out but don’t get a reply.

My leg doesn’t hurt anymore and I feel fine. I hoist my legs over the side of the bed and stand up. I stagger to my wardrobe and put on grey Nike joggers, a Calvin Klein sports bra and a hoddie to match the joggers. My hair is in a semi cute messy bun and I walk out the room. I haven’t even got a limp as I waltz into the kitchen.

“Yo dawg” I smile opening cupboards. I’m absolutely starving. Jay and basically the entire pack stare at me speechless.

“What?” I frown.

“How are u u!” Taya leaps from her seat and walks to me.

“Don’t touch me....please” I shiver from her grip. She looks hurt but doesn’t show it.

“Brooke you need rest” James comes over to me trying to grab me but I dodge his grip.

“I said please don’t touch me” I snap. For some reason I feel like if someone touches me it will be the end of the world. Maybe it’s my past finally catching up with me or the event that accord wheat felt like years ago.

“Brooke it’s fine no one is going to hurt you” Jamie still creeps closer acting as if I’m a distraught animal.

“You’ve already blown that one” I spat.

“Okay everyone leave now.” James shews everyone away.

“What!” I say with sass.

“Brooke as your aware of your bitten you’ll turn werewolf.” He says standing just out of reach.

“Yes I gathered” I walk towards the door but he grabs my arm. I snap my head back and growl.

“Don’t fucking touch me” he looks stunned.

“I think you need to go for a run” a voice from behind me speaks up. It’s Winston.

“Stay the fuck away from me!” I back away suddenly terrified.

I’m filled with agonising pain and drop to the floor. Winston picks me up and chucks me to the ground as my bones start to crack and my gums start to throb. Fur splits through my skin until I’ve fully formed into the beast.

Winston’s POV:

Brooke turned into her wolf form. It was beautiful. Her wolf had pure white fur like I’ve never seen before. White wolves are very rare and at that moment of time I couldn’t remember the myth about them. Brooke stood there panting and then began to run out the gates. I sprung from the step into my wolf and sprinted after her. She was so fast! We both ran together for miles and miles until we reach the edge of the forest. She howled and instantly got replies from all over the country. When one wolf starts, it becomes a chain reaction. Every Pack in this country will howl as she has the cry of a new wolf.

Brooke’s POV:

I run through the forest. The wind pushes against my fur and the dirt beneath my paws crumble. It gave me such an adrenaline rush! I loved every moment. I jumped over trees, through streams and onto massive rock ranges. Winston followed me all the way and we started playing a game of tag as we ran. When we got to the edge of the forest I let out a howl and instantly a chain reaction occurred. I’m a new wolf and I was heard.

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