Black Night Pack

“Okay so your going to walk in, do a twirl and smile. The men will bid and the highest bidder will become your master. Got it?” She looks into my eyes. A sudden sadness flashes past but is gone in an instant.
“Yes but who are the men?” I say with my hand on the doorknob.
“The leader of the pack” she then walks off. Oh my god! I’m being sold to fucking werewolves. We’d learnt about them in history but they aren’t supposed to be real! What have I got myself into?!

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3. four

The sun is shining when I wake up. I glide towards the window where I see a big group of people go into “wolf mode” and watch as they sprint into the forest.

I get changed into denim shorts and a white cami, wrapping a pale blue shirt around my waist. I shove my feet into converse and leave my hair in its natural waves state. Makeup wise I only put a light amount on and then I grab my sun glasses, bundling downstairs.

“Hello?” I say walking into the massive kitchen. “Oh hey Brooke” Taya sings walking in from outside.

“Did you just....?”

“Oh gosh no! I don’t turn until dark.” She laughs gesturing to a coffee pot. I nod and ask, “Wait so u can’t control when you change?”

“Sort of like if I was in danger my wolf would force the change as a source of protection. But on a day to day basis I can only turn during the night. Some of the boys can do it during sun light but the majority only turn at night. Oh and some times if there’s blood but normally we’re fine” she hands me a coffee.

“Oh right” I laugh.

“What do you wanna do today?” Taya asks as we sit outside on the grass.


“Great idea!” She cheers, “Let’s go!”

We walk into the forest and up to a little waterfall. It sounds like cutlery hitting a a wooden floor.

“It’s beautiful” I smile as water lightly sprays my face.

“Stop staring let’s keep walking up be carful it’s slipp...”sh starts but I’ve already skidded and have cut my arm really badly. Blood is everywhere.

“Oh my god” we stare at each other pale. There’s a howl and then at least 20 were wolves show. Taya cries out in pain telling me to run. She lies there hair starting to burst from under her skin.

“Shit!” I shout and run. As I run through the forest I can hear them following me barking their head off. Don’t turn around Brooke I think t myself. My feet pound the ground harder and harder and normally I would have given up but I felt a surge of power run through my veins.

I was jumping over fallen trees and dodging branches, still staying in front of the werewolves. The only pain I felt was coming from my arm.

I run all the way back to the castle and dive into the doors. I can’t hear the wolves anymore but I still run to my room. I lock the door and run to the bathroom wrapping my arm up.

Eventually the blood stopped and I wrapped my arm in a bandage. Stealthily I walk out my room and go down stairs where there are loads of panting human bodies lying on the floor.

“Well That was exciting” I say annoyed.

“How did u out run us” Jay exclaims still heavily breathing.

“Forget that your alive!” Ned says.

“I’m so sorry” Taya looks down at the ground.

“It’s okay.” I smile.

“But seriously how did you out run us. We should of ripped u to sheds. No offence” Jay looks traumatised.

“I have no idea. I just felt a surge of power and sprinted for my life. Literally”

“I’m sorry that we scared u” Everyone looks embarrassed and extremely guilty.

“Oh no worries. I guess I have to get used to that” I smile.

“I’ve never run that fast before. None of us have” Liam pants. I laugh and go into the kitchen where Alaric is sat down looking super pissed.

“Oh shit” I whisper so only Taya can hear me.

“What the hell just happened!” He shouts as we all file in.

“We we’re walking and then Brooke cut her self. We all went phyco but she OUT ran us!” Taya exclaims.

“Oh my god.” Alaric face palms himself.

“Everyone out, Brooke you stay” I blush and take a seat opposite him as everyone leaves.

“Are you Okay?” He asks immediately.

“Yeah I’m fine” I say casually.

“Well next time be more careful. Oh and the hunting pack are back tomorrow. You’ll finally meet the entire of the pack then” he smiles leaving me. Like and comment! Also favourite!!! Xoxo

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