Black Night Pack

“Okay so your going to walk in, do a twirl and smile. The men will bid and the highest bidder will become your master. Got it?” She looks into my eyes. A sudden sadness flashes past but is gone in an instant.
“Yes but who are the men?” I say with my hand on the doorknob.
“The leader of the pack” she then walks off. Oh my god! I’m being sold to fucking werewolves. We’d learnt about them in history but they aren’t supposed to be real! What have I got myself into?!

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4. five

I go to bed with a head ache and wake up with one. Taya came to warn me that the hunter pack was about an hour away and so I had to be ready for their arrival.

The whole pack is segregated. The protectors- they protect the grounds and the castle; The Hunters- they go away for months fighting other packs either for revenge, loyalty or because of land; The Moons- they are the subjects. I guess I’m a moon, sort of.

I take a shower and get changed into a white skater skirts and a black cropped shoulder top. Obviously I wear my converse and then put my hair into a messy ponytail. My toned tanned legs pop out of my skirt and my fragile frame is insinuated by the waist hugging skirt. I put on a light make up but put a brown smokey eye into the mix.

“They’re here!” Taya cheers excitedly, bounding into my room. I smile back matching her enthusiasm and we both run down the stairs. I’m told to stand to the six with Alaric while the rest of the pack stand in one great line. “Shouldn’t I be right at the back?” I say not moving my lips.

“No he’s gonna wanna meet you” Alaric laughs quietly.

“Why?!” I mumble.

“Because your new”

Our conversation is interrupted when a pack of 20 dark grey wolves stampede into the front grounds. They howl and so do the others. I smile at how excited everyone is. The grey wolves merge into human form and come running up the stairs.

“Dad!” A tall muscular man steps forward pulling Alaric into a hug.

“Winsten” He laughs. George comes sprinting over pulling Winsten into a bear hug.

“I missed you brother” George smiles.

“You to” Winsten smiles and then catches my eye.

“Your new” he says holding my eye, his eyes flash a bright blue colour but it’s gone almost instantly.

“Indeed, I’m Brooke” I smile.

“Well Brooke, welcome to the black night pack” he grins and sprints up the stairs.

“Oh god” I mutter as I walk in to the castle.

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