Black Night Pack

“Okay so your going to walk in, do a twirl and smile. The men will bid and the highest bidder will become your master. Got it?” She looks into my eyes. A sudden sadness flashes past but is gone in an instant.
“Yes but who are the men?” I say with my hand on the doorknob.
“The leader of the pack” she then walks off. Oh my god! I’m being sold to fucking werewolves. We’d learnt about them in history but they aren’t supposed to be real! What have I got myself into?!

#werewolf #soulmate #romance #leader #pack #life #love #auction #dangerous #supernatural #vampire #witch #wizard


7. eight

Brooke’s: POV

We race back to the castle where the entire pack is waiting for us. Alaric stands there with an untraceable face. I merged into human form and walk up the stairs.

“That was amazing!” I shriek.

“Well I’m glad you enjoyed it” Alaric pulls me into a hug.

“Your one of the pack now so we need to assign you a position”

“Okay” I smirk taking my hoodie off, leaving me in a sports bra and joggers. My toned abs are on show and a few ass holes whistle.

“I think I’m gonna have you trained for a hunter” Alaric ponders but receives gasps from everyone else.

“But the Hinters are only men!” Someone shouts.

“Sexist!” I shout aimlessly.

“Yes. That will do great. Brooke will be a hunter” and with that he leaves with everyone following but Winston.

“You have a beautiful wolf” he says sitting down on the steps.

“And you’ve got a strong bite” I say harshly.

“About that..”

“Don’t explain! I don’t wanna know but your forgiven” I smirk and now both our eyes flash blue. We stare at each other stunned.

“You saw that too?” He says nervously.

“Yes you’ve done it multiple times since I’ve been here” I shrug.

“Oh my god Brooke” he says standing up.

“What?” I look him in the eyes.

“We’re soul mates” I stare blankly in a stunned silence.

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