1. ONLY 1

really pretty girl with a really bright mind,

really freaking scared of what she might find,

All these flashing lights making me go blind,

Breaking down mankind,

All these bodies intertwined,

Making the world realign,

Tearing at this unbreakable bind,

That you call the mind,

Making you think of these unbreakable binds,

With a lot of my time,

Put into this rhyme,

That will make you cry,

but then make you lie,

About how you feel,

Oh that’s so unreal,

Like people go steal,

To make a good meal,

Over this whole ordeal,

Just trying to heal,

Just try to reseal,

what they have unsealed,

Just make a appeal,

Of this whole ordeal,

Just try to behave,

Please don't lose your faith,

Just try to make way,

For this big disgrace,

Just try to engrave,

What you have just gazed,

But you stayed alive, yes you have survived,

Yes we have revived,

Yes now we can fly…..                                               AWAY

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