Every single person has flaws, but they're hardly ever accepted. We're being taught to feel bad about them, not accept them. Sierra, her whole childhood struggled with feeling good about her body and appearance. Sometimes, all you need to do is look in a mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful. <COVER BY @ZIREEE>


5. To be "pretty"

Callie was right. It was hard to get back into a healthy eating habit, no matter how hard I tried. Some days I'd go the whole afternoon not even noticing I hadn't eaten that day, and I would quickly binge food and feel sick. 

By the beginning of 8th grade, I felt like I had a healthy habit again. I ate breakfast most days, and even if I wasn't hungry, I would at least eat a sandwich at lunch. 

Cheerleading was hard, but it was kind of fun. I gained some of the weight back, but I've started loosing it thanks to the exercise. I had made more friends because of the competitions and camps I had gone to, but suddenly being skinny wasn't the biggest thing. 

"Ughhhh!" Poppy, one of my new friends from cheer exclaimed as she bent down in front of the mirror with a disgusted look on her face. 

"What?" Callie said as she looked up from her phone. We were in Leah, another one of my new friend's room. 

"My butt is soooooo flat." Poppy said standing straight. I looked over at Leah and Callie to see if they also found it weird, but they both looked unfazed. 

"Just do squats and stuff." Leah said as she took a big bite of a piece of pizza. 

"Ughhhh." Poppy groaned as she hopped onto Leah's bed. "I actually look so boring." 

"At least you have pretty hair." Leah said as she enviously looked at Poppy's long blond hair. 

"You should just grow out your hair." Poppy said to Leah. "It's only a little darker than mine. You too, Sierra." 

"Huh?" I said. 

"You should grow your hair out." Poppy said as she began scrolling through texts. 

"I dunno..." I shrugged. "I like my hair short." 

"Well yeah," Poppy said. "but you would look super pretty with long hair." 

"Short hair is easier to manage." I protested. 

"But long hair is really pretty." Poppy said. 

"I mean..." I began, but paused. "I guess." I glanced into the mirror at my dirty blond shoulder length hair. Would it really be prettier if I grew it out? It wouldn't hurt to try. 

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