Every single person has flaws, but they're hardly ever accepted. We're being taught to feel bad about them, not accept them. Sierra, her whole childhood struggled with feeling good about her body and appearance. Sometimes, all you need to do is look in a mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful. <COVER BY @ZIREEE>


3. To be "cool"

In the 7th grade, it suddenly was "cool" to be skinny. My whole life I had never been the skinniest person in the room, or even close. Callie was like a stick, and I was jealous of her body. Still, she had her own issues. 

"Ugh my butt is sooo flat!" She grumbled as she looked in the mirror in the gym locker room. 

"Pfft." I said rolling my eyes. "Your butt is exactly the right size." 

"You're just saying that." She said and kept pouting into the mirror. "Ooh wanna come over after school and do some workouts? Not because you need them... I- uh... well I guess it wouldn't... hurt you to try some with me." I bent down to tie my shoe. 

"I dunno..." I said hiding my bright pink face by my knee. Excuse ideas ran through my head. "My... uh... my mom... I might not be free." 

"Aw, well check with your parents." She said as she flipped her long black ponytail over her shoulder. 


Later in 7th period I went to the bathroom. As I washed my hands, I looked into the mirror. Was I really... fat? I turned sideways. My stomach did kind of sag over my shorts and I had more than one chin. What was even wrong with looking like me? Why do people even care what you looked like? What defines people as "pretty" and "ugly?" Somehow, all of this mattered to people. I, being your average 12 year old decided I'd rather be what other people wanted out of me. 

"Hey!" I said to Callie after school. "My mom said yes." 

"Ooh yay!" She smiled. "Let's go then!"

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