Every single person has flaws, but they're hardly ever accepted. We're being taught to feel bad about them, not accept them. Sierra, her whole childhood struggled with feeling good about her body and appearance. Sometimes, all you need to do is look in a mirror and remind yourself that you are beautiful. <COVER BY @ZIREEE>


2. "Fat"

I was comfortable with how I looked until I was 9. It was almost the end of the school year, and my class was just let out for recess. People in my class had a weird thing for note-passing, and people even made little envelope "mailboxes" and taped them to the side of their desk or in their cubby. I had my first crush that year, the handsome Lawrence Brown. I saw him check his mailbox the day before, it was in the very back of his desk. I waited till everyone left the room pretending to be immersed in my cubby's wall. When everyone left, I finally hurried to his desk. I peeked inside of it. His envelope was bright green with baseball stickers all over it. I opened it up and found quite a few notes. Most of them were just about sports and homework and boring things, but I found a small one at the bottom. I opened it up and my stomach filled with butterflies as I spotted my name. I quickly tried to calm myself down and read it from the beginning. 

Hey do you like Sierra?

What? Why would you think that 

I don't know, but she has a huge crush on you and I was just wondering. 

Haha, well no I don't. She's a fat loser. 

Haha, yeah. I'm kinda faking being friends with her because our parents are colleagues and stuff. 

I stuffed the note back into the envelope and hurried out of the classroom. I could feel the tears preparing to rush out of my eyes. I ran to the bathroom and tried to process what just happened. Once I got into a stall and locked the door, I let go. Tears streamed down my face. I was hurt about what he called me, but even more hurt about the person who sent the letter in the first place. I'd recognize that handwriting anywhere. It was my best friend, Callie Keller's writing. 

By the time I calmed down, recess was over and kids began filing back into the classroom. 

"Hey Sierra!" I heard as I walked back inside. I turned. Callie was running to me with a huge smile. I stared at her. How could this person, whom I've known since pre-school be so fake? Her smile, her pearly white teeth, that didn't look fake. I turned my face and walked the other way to my desk, leaving Callie standing there. As I sat down I could see Callie walking over, so I quickly made small-talk with the girl next to me. Lawrence sat across from me. When he scooted in his chair, I glanced up at him. 

"Hey, what's up?" He said flashing me his 5 star smile that made girls swoon. I just glared at him and pretended to go through things in my desk. 

When I got home that afternoon, I wrote an angry entry in my diary. I raged about it. I wrote down every emotion I felt and how much I wanted Callie to feel my pain and what I felt. After I wrote it, I shut my diary, hid it in the loose floorboard in my desk, and didn't open read it for the next 5 years. 

I hate to admit, but I did forget about that day. I forgot about my feelings and how Callie faked her friendship and made me feel so stupid. I held a grudge for the next few days, but then Callie invited me to her birthday party, and I was so excited I completely forgot about what had happened. 

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