Blue Rabbit

This is the same story, told in four completely different perspectives. With each one you find more out about the mystery girl, left all alone at the train station.

Although I've described this story as 'green - suitable for everyone', some audiences may find this upsetting.


3. The Third.


You sat, with your legs crossed out in front of you, leaning your aching back against a wall. The girl in front of you seemed young--a kid, you said. I remember the sad look in your eye as you explained how odd it seemed that she was left alone, like a parcel, with all the other luggage. She even had a tag around her neck. I remember you explaining how much you coughed when that train came in, bellowing and choking fumes. She laughed at the trains coming in but her eyes were absorbed in the little blue rabbit she was holding. You were much older than her, too old to fight in the war. And too important, since you basically ran the whole train-line. She just sat there, waiting, just as you were waiting, both waiting for an end to the war that raged all around you. You remembered a bright light, brighter than the brightest sun. And a noise, louder than anything. Deafening. And then you died.

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