Blue Rabbit

This is the same story, told in four completely different perspectives. With each one you find more out about the mystery girl, left all alone at the train station.

Although I've described this story as 'green - suitable for everyone', some audiences may find this upsetting.


2. The Second.


She sat atop the leather suitcase, its cheap dye rubbing off on her fingers, staining them brown. She was peaceful, innocent. She didn’t understand. She was too young to understand. The war, the gunshots, were familiar to her. They didn’t fill her with the dread they filled the others; the grown men, shuffling like prisoners around her, with soot-stained faces. She was a traveller. She would never find a home, but she didn’t care. She was running from a war she couldn’t understand, and she was not sad, just lonely. She opened the suitcase, and its heavy metal clasp caught on the tag around her neck, a last gift from her mother, paired with a kiss goodbye. She took out the only things in that suitcase--a note in her fathers’ hand and a worn, blue, toy rabbit with black button eyes. She traced the letters with her fingers, trailing the dye over the page. She picked up the rabbit, stroking its ears gently back with one hand. With the other she hugged it close to her heart. He was lonely, too.

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