Blue Rabbit

This is the same story, told in four completely different perspectives. With each one you find more out about the mystery girl, left all alone at the train station.

Although I've described this story as 'green - suitable for everyone', some audiences may find this upsetting.


4. The Fourth.


Is the theory of life after death finally proved? Is existence itself finally explained? Find out as you read on...

    This report, written by who was, at first, a non-believer will explain everything! There has been a sighting of a ghost, a shimmer in our reality by the site of an atomic bomb that was dropped on a small town near in the north. The ghost was seen where there used to be a train station, but it was devastated by the explosion. The figure appeared to be a young girl, who sits with her head slightly tipped back, almost as if she was laughing, and her legs are crossed. One of the theories of ghosts is that they can't move on until they have fulfilled their last ambition. If so, then what is stopping her from moving on? Her position suggests that she died while waiting for something. What that something was remains unknown. Incredibly, though, we can find out. The girl appears to be able to talk, maybe even to communicate. So far, however, she has just been able to repeat a single question, and she does so, over and over again. 'Where is Blue Rabbit?'

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